Stealing Memories 199.5KChildhood memories and crimes push an already burnt out Sandburg over the edge. Can one pigheaded, militant Sentinel pull him out of the spin cycle and save his life? Story broken into 2 parts 02/27/98
For Wild Things 212.9KFlu season and snow storms plague Cascade forcing Blair to confront some insecurities that still haunt him. Both Sentinel and Guide discover a link, not only to the spiritual world, but the natural one as well. They learn to be truly thankful for wild things. Story broken into 2 parts 02/27/98
Homespun Logic 137.9KAll family structures have their ups and downs, arguments and misunderstandings...even the Sentinel/Guide relationship. The family structure can also help heal wounds and mend the bonds between friends, even when it's someone else's family. Story broken into 2 parts 02/27/98
Lost In The Clouds 183.7KBlair is having fun writing fan fiction on the Internet when he stumbles upon atrocities that prove too much for his fragile soul. Only Jim can save him from the monsters out there and the ones he finds within himself.
Story broken into 2 parts
The Seeker Unaware with StarPlaza 205.2KBlair has a hard time handling the title of Shaman, losing himself in the name and the position. In search of himself and his newly acquired responsibilities, he finds an old journal that leads him on a parallel course of self-awareness and danger. Story broken into 2 parts 08/05/98
Glassfish 186.4KBlair is asked to fulfill the posthumous request of a dear friend, but current events have placed him in the public eye. Attracting unwanted and deadly attention, he finds himself in danger in a world where Sentinels of another kind dwell. Story broken into 2 parts 09/16/98