Just A Dribble-Megan's Journal 4.0K Megan has some down time while waiting for a fax, and finds that her journal is calling. 10/29/00
The Void 8.0K Many beautiful versions of a S2P2 have been written. This is my stab at a sort of alternate ending....over-due as it is. It's my opinion that Blair should have had a hand in her fate, because it is him that Alex harmed. Oh well, to each his own. 02/26/01
Feline Tendencies SERIES Cats hold a special place in many people's hearts, and have been worshiped by many cultures for thousands of years. Guess whose turn it is now to bow down to the whims of the cat? That's right everyone, our favourite Cascadians! Join Jim and Blair in their many kitty hyjinks! (Don't worry, the other MCU detectives aren't left out of this one!) Mulitple Dates
Toe Socks 4.0K The Sentinels discomfort brings him to a shocking *snerk* discovery. WARNING: Do not eat or drink while eating this!!! 04/26/01
The Memories Of My Heart 5.8K Decades down the road Jim reminisces about the loss of a friend, a brother.... a Guide. (PLEASE read the warning!!) 07/10/01
A Ride On Lady Nightmare's Wings 8.6K What would you do if you had a nightmare so horrible that you couldn't just let it go? (WARNING: I'd rate this PG 13 because of some rather strong violent and dark images) 12/17/01
A Sentinel's Moral 7.4K Even a Sentinel needs to learn a new moral now and then! 05/05/02
Special Edition Project: Smart Alec Linked Part of the Special Edition Project. 05/19/02
Now That The Dead Are Getting Back Together... 2.9K I wonder, does Simon like eating his words for lunch??! 04/07/03
Symbiosis 4.2K Let not your eyes decieve you, and let your heart lead you to the truth. 12/14/03
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