'One Who Fights Back To Back'

False Friendship,
Like The Ivy,
Decays And Ruins
The Walls It Embraces;
But True Friendship
Gives New Life
And Animation
To The Object
It Supports.
...Richard Burton

A friend should be one in whose

understanding and virtue we can equally confide,

and whose opinion we can value at once

for it's justness and its sincerity

...Robert Hall

No distance of place
or lapse of time
can lessen the friendship
of those
who are
thoroughly persuaded
of each other's worth

...Robert Southey

My best friend

is the one

who brings out

the best in me

...Henry Ford

The essence

of true friendship

is to make

allowances for

another's little lapses.

...David Storey

Loyalty means

nothing unless it has

at it's heart

the absolute principle

of self-sacrifice

...Woodrow Wilson

True friendship

is seen

through the heart

not through the eyes.


Perhaps the most
delightful friendships
are those in which
there is
much agreement,
much disputation,
and yet more
personal liking.

...George Eliot

The bird a nest,

the spider a web,

man friendship

...William Blake

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