'One Who Fights Back To Back'

We Learn Our Virtues
From Our Friends,
Our Faults
From The Enemy Who Hates Us.
We Cannot Easily Discover
Our Real Character
From A Friend.
He Is A Mirror,
On Which The Warmth
Of Our Breath
Impedes The Clearness
Of The Reflection

Life's truest happiness

is found in friendships

we make along the way


The greatest sweetener
of human life
is friendship.
To raise this
to the highest pitch
of enjoyment,
is a secret
which but few discover

...Joseph Addison

The active part of man

consists of powerful instincts,

some of which are gentle

and continuous;

others violent and short;

some baser, some nobler,

and all necessary

...Francis W. Newman

A teacher

affects eternity;

he can never tell where

his influence stops

...Henry Brooks Adams

The miracle of friendship
can be spoken
without words...
hearing unspoken needs,
recognizing secret dreams,
understanding the
silent things that
only true friends know


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