The Sandburg Chronicles SERIES Through the many trials of life, Blair and Jim have managed to survive it all...and now it seems Blair's daughter Jamie may have a hand in what the future holds. Multiple Dates
Keep A Candle Burning 11.7K No matter how old they get, it seems that boys will always be boys... 09/20/02
S.O.S. 8.5K Simon responds to a desperate late-night call from Blair and Jim. (Set about one year post TsbyBS.) 09/20/02
Blazing Spirits 13.5K A life-altering event through another set of eyes (missing scene for Sentinel Too, both parts). 09/28/02
The Odd Couple Goes To Washington 8.4K Elli's unintentional challenge on SA. There's a new Presidential administration taking the country by storm... 11/10/02
A Now Distant Term 108.1K Sick!Blair and Worried!Jim. Will Blair's illness change everything for the intrepid duo? 11/16/02
Make The Season Bright 16.0K Jim, Blair, and Steven -- plus some Christmas decorations...things get very interesting very quickly. 01/03/03
Breaking Point 10.0K A detective on the verge of a breakdown, a partner trying to control him...a suspect who has to handle both. (Co-written with Zou.) 01/15/03
Bonding Time 16.7K Sometimes, it takes so little to make him so happy... 01/15/03
Just Between Partners 12.2K A letter from a man to his partner... originally posted to the Sentinel Angst list. 01/15/03
He's My Son 22.6K A mother's reflections... 01/19/03
Snow Day 9.3K You don't have to be a child to love your snow days... 02/22/03
Crash And Burn 190.2K Set post TSbyBS. Carolyn returns to Cascade, seeking Jim's help... but the one most in need of help might just be his own partner. Click here for story broken into 2 parts. 03/25/03
Watching And Waiting 7.1K TS/SG-1 crossover, preseries to both. Jim waits for news on a friend. 08/26/03
Orphan Soul 8.9K The choices we make in life can have long-lasting repercussions. 09/13/03