National Association for the
Practice of Anthropology

Ethical Guidelines for Practitioners

Our primary responsibility is to respect and

consider the welfare and human rights of all

categories of people affected by decisions,

programs or research in which we take part.

To our resource persons or research

subjects we owe full and timely disclosure

of the objectives, methods and

sponsorship of our activities.

To our employers we owe competent,efficient,

fully professional skills and techniques, timely

performance of our work and communication

of our findings and recommendations in

understandable, non-jargonistic language.

In our relations with students and trainees,

we will be candid, fair, nonexploitative,

nondiscriminatory and committed

to the student's or trainee's welfare.

To our colleagues,anthropologists and others,

we have a responsibility to conduct our work

in a manner that facilitates their activities or

that does not unjustly compromise their

ability to carry out professional work.

To the discipline of anthropology we have a

responsibility to act in a manner that presents

the discipline to the public and to other

professional colleagues in a favorable light.

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