A Family Thanksgiving 9.6KA Thanksgiving Day stakeout. 08/31/02
An Ounce Of Prevention 11.8KJim plans a surprise for Blair. 08/31/02
Locked Out 6.4KBlair receives some unexpected help. 08/31/02
Trapped 13.1KRafe & Blair are partnered for the first time. 08/31/02
Customer Service? 6.4KA shopping trip takes a humorous turn. 08/31/02
O Christmas Tree 14.2KJim & Blair prepare for the holiday. 08/31/02
Shadow On The Moon 5.2KJim & Blair watch the eclipse. 08/31/02
Y2K Surprise 9.4KBlair prepares a special dinner. 08/31/02
On The Eve Of New Year's Eve 12.2KJim and Blair host an early New Year's Eve party. 08/31/02
Fatigue 11.7KJim doesn't listen to his partner. 08/31/02
Five Men 5.3KFive men face a crisis. 08/31/02
Over-Reactions 5.4KIs Blair really in trouble? A Sentinel wants to know. 08/31/02
Letting It Out 4.1KAlternate ending to 'Prisoner X'. 08/31/02
Last Request 14.6KJim's worst nightmare is about to come true. 08/31/02
Bumper Cars 11.9KA mysterious driver plays a dangerous game. 08/31/02
The Bunny Hop 9.5KJim arrests the Easter Bunny. 08/31/02
Rest For The Weary 6.8KBlair & Daryl complete their first week at the academy. 08/31/02
Imprinting 9.9KJim relives a moment from an early case. 08/31/02
Desperate 9.6KJim's thoughts as he waits for Blair's return. 08/31/02
Living Without You 9.3KCan a Sentinel live without his Guide? 08/31/02
Food For The Soul 5.7KJim provides for a hungry Guide. 08/31/02
Echoes Of The Heart 7.0KThe Guide is absent from the loft. 08/31/02
I'm Right Here 7.8KMissing scene for 'Cypher'. 08/31/02
It's Halloween 9.1KGhost stories and more at a Halloween party. 08/31/02
Estimated Departure Time 12.2KA premonition of danger sends a Sentinel after his Guide. 08/31/02
Apple Antics 9.8KA slice of life Christmas story revolving around apples. 08/31/02
Requiem 3.7KJim bids farewell to a friend... Missing scene for 'Killers'. 08/31/02
Shopping 2.1KJim and Blair at the grocery store. (drabble) 08/31/02
Coffee Stop 26.4KA simple stop for coffee becomes more trouble than either of the guys could have imagined. 08/31/02
Excuses, Excuses 5.6KFour students attempt to outwit their teacher. 08/31/02
A Most Unusual Use Of Senses 6.4KJim hears something odd. 08/31/02
Rhythm Of The Rain 5.1KJim listens to the rain. 08/31/02
Remember Me 15.0KWill Jim take a chance on an old romance? 08/31/02
Just Like Tigger 16.1KJim relates a childhood memory. 08/31/02
I Hate This... 3.2KMissing scene for 'Blind Man's Bluff'. 08/31/02
The Warmth Of Home 4.2KA quiet evening in the loft. 08/31/02
Goodnight, Chief 7.9KJim reads a bedtime story. 08/31/02
'Round The Campfire 13.1K(Second Generation AU Series Story) Jim and Blair go camping with the boys. 08/31/02
A Beary Merry Christmas 15.2K(Second Generation AU Series Story) Simon and Tyler enjoy an evening of holiday specials. 08/31/02
Vestige Of Honor 16.4KA stake-out goes terribly wrong. 08/31/02
The Listening Game 6.4K(Second Generation AU Series Story) Jim and his son play a game before bed. 08/31/02
Determination 9.6KA planned hiking trip takes an unexpected detour. 08/31/02
Beginnings 2.2KA quick look at an early bullpen conversation. (drabble) 08/31/02
Life Lessons And The Real Ghostbusters 3.0KBlair learns not to give ideas to his Sentinel. (drabble) 08/31/02
Inside A Loft In The City 2.4KAn experiment in rhyme (for the author, not the guys). (poetry) 08/31/02
A New Addition To The Family 11.5K(Second Generation AU Series Story) Jim and his son await the arrival of a new family member. 08/31/02
Words Of Wisdom 2.5KWhat Burton didn't say. (drabble and a half) 08/31/02
Keeping Watch 5.1KFriends take care of friends. 08/31/02
Where In The World Is Cascade, Washington? 2.9K Blair checks a map for a familiar location. 09/09/02
Giving Thanks 7.4K Jim and Blair spend Thanksgiving away from home. 12/07/02
Signs Of The Season 4.2K The holiday season arrives. 12/07/02
Holiday Wishes 3.3K A little Christmas snippet. 12/24/02
Prime Mates 6.5K Alternate scene (or maybe AU scene) for 'The Debt'. 01/08/03
Common Cents 10.5K Blair reveals how he financed his first year of college. 02/03/03
On The Job I & II 2.9K Humorous moments on the job. 03/07/03
Simonfoolery 12.2K It's April 1st: Does Simon know what Jim and Blair are up to? 04/07/03
Parallel Lines 2.4K Two views of the same event. 05/10/03
Small Symbols 1.9K Memorial day drabble. 06/01/03
Fraidy Cat 8.8K Blair makes a new friend. 06/01/03
Office Hours 5.5K Blair's office falls under siege. 07/10/03
Attack Of The Earworms 11.7K Blair reveals a personal problem. 11/06/03
Restoration 8.4K A sequel to 'Determination'. 01/31/04
Infomercials 9.9K Blair's moment of weakness turns out to be more embarrassing than he thought. 06/08/04
Wrong Exit 4.9K Blair forgets where he parked. 08/20/04
Goodbye To Forever 9.0K Simon ponders a decision. 08/20/04
Darkness 18.8K There are some things that a Guide just isn't ready for, even one like Blair Sandburg. 11/14/04
Operation Bedtime 10.7K An exhausted Guide makes for a difficult mission sometimes... 12/21/04
SUI 8.3K Jim relates a hard-to-believe story about an impaired driver. 03/04/05
Soaring 9.1K Two busy men take a lunch break. 08/15/05
Bridging The Gap 20.9K Simon plays an important role during a hospital stay. 01/16/06
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