Jenna 163.4KWhen a senator's young daughter, with whom Jim and Blair are acquainted, is kidnapped and held for ransom, tensions run high as they run themselves ragged trying to save her before tragedy strikes. Can Major Crime's best team manageto save the little girl before kidnapping turns to murder?
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Reflections On The Human Condition
Three distinct points of view tell the story of a tragic event that begins with a misunderstanding and may mean doom for the Sentinel, his Guide and their captain. Each segment explores the depth of a single emotion as the story progresses and each man deals with the repercussions of a case gone terribly wrong. Multiple dates
Convenience 108.1KA string of deadly convenience store robberies, two punishing schedules and a secret wrongly kept from a friend push Jim and Blair into separate corners. Can they overcome their personal demons and make amends before one of them ends up dead? 09/04/98
Golden Echoes LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 507 12/06/99
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