Betrayer 7.5K Jim has a problem with betrayal, in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Blair and Megan are trying to catch up to the Sentinel after he disappears to go after Alex. (Missing scene for Sentinel Too, part Two.) 04/21/01
Betrayer 2 14.4K Jim reflects on his treatment of his Guide and his experiences inside the Temple Of The Sentinels. (Also a possible explaination for all those who thought Blair seemed a bit too perky after being recently drowned.) (Missing scene/epilog for Sentinel Too, part Two.) 04/21/01
The Ones Who Love You Best 4.8K Someone evil is watching Blair through the skylight. What is it about Blair that made 'his' life so desirable. (Missing scene for Cypher.) 04/21/01
Caught On Video SERIES Inspired by reality TV shows. Multiple Dates
Bid Time Return 66.3K Jim and Blair are drafted as security at a conference on germ and chemical warfare. A terrorist attack on the remote island dooms the isolated group to certain death. Sentinel and Guide must face this horror, unaware that secret forces are working to rewrite the last week of their lives. (Seven Days x-over) 05/12/01
The Key 81.9K A woman from Blair's past seeks to frame him by murdering his women friends. When Jim interferes, he becomes the latest target. 06/20/01
The Road To Hell 56.0K In a wartorn Central American jungle Naomi is kidnapped and meets a man she thought (and hoped) was dead. Jim and Blair race against time to find her as secrets from the past are exposed and danger closes in. 06/20/01
The Shrek-inel 3.4K Jim and Blair on the drive home from the movies. 08/18/01
Retreat Series 23.6K Sentinel and Guide reflect on just how their partnership was destroyed and their lives torn apart. 08/18/01
Dead Bolt 110.4K In this sequel to The Key, Jim and Blair go in search of secrets, long hidden in a remote mountain cabin. They find an unspeakable evil that will make them doubt their sanity - and even each other. 12/02/01
The Lady Downstairs 11.9K Jim has a problem with the lady downstairs. He overhears some things he doesn't like, and some things he likes way too much. (Risque humor.) 02/04/02
Warm Fuzzies 9.8K Cold guide -- warm hearts. How Blair got freezer burn and Marvin the Martian. The title 'Warm Fuzzies' says it all. 02/24/02
Special Edition Project: True Crime Linked Part of the Special Edition Project. 02/24/02
With Friends Like These 26.0K While Jim's away, his friends all play (Blessed Protector, that is) and Blair ends up having to pay (for their good intentions, and we all know where those lead.) 05/15/02
Whatever Remains Linked Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 708 07/16/02
After All 95.6K Has an unspeakable incident driven Blair to end his friendship with Jim? Has trust and loyalty been strained to the breaking point, or is there an even darker secret keeping the partners apart? 08/24/02
...It's What's Eating You 12.1K Blair has a mysterious visitor. 01/28/03
A Chance Encounter 10.0K A short AU story where Jim and Blair are seen from another point of view. 02/06/03
Carpal Diem 7.3K Why Jim drops his gun, why Blair is cussing, and why everyone ends up at the ER. 02/07/03
The Chrysalis 50.7K Blair and Jim are torn apart, their lives are threatened and neither knows why. Blair must reach his sentinel, before the pain and dispair of losing his friend kills Jim's spirit and his body. 03/25/03
Into The Woods 6.3K Jim and Blair are surrounded by a pretty scary group while on a camping trip. 04/12/03
Lily Ellison 41.1K What would have happened if Jim were happily married when his senses came on line? What would happen if his wife has a deadly and tragic secret? 05/10/03
Nor Iron Bars... 3.5K Can a caged Panther hold out until his friend can save him? 08/23/03
Lost 80.1K Jim and Blair are caught in a nightmare where insanity or death seem like the only outcome. 10/27/03
Perchance To Dream 33.4K Death has no dominion over a Sentinel and his Guide. Blair storms hell itself to save his friend from his own private pergatory. 04/05/04
A Moment From The Past 6.1K Strangers meet and, for one brief moment, they glimpse their destiny. 04/11/04
Just One Of The Gang 18.5K Major Crime takes Blair for an outing -- disaster ensues. 07/09/04
Last Chance 6.9K Two lonely strangers meet at the Last Chance Cafe. 12/06/04
Very Special Forces 17.5K Somebody wants Blair and Jim is helpless to stop them. 12/10/04
I'll Be Home For Christmas 63.2K Jim and Blair's trust in each other is put to the test by a beautiful temptress. Can Jim keep his friend from making a terrible mistake? Can Blair survive and keep his promise to make it home for Christmas? 12/21/04
Last Chance 6.8K Two strangers meet at the Last Chance Cafe and discuss their tragic pasts. 10/21/06
Long Time Gone 16.8K Jim is buried alive and discovers a long, long lost message from an amazing source. 10/21/06
A Moment From The Past 6.6K Two men meet under dangerous circumstances and for a moment glimpse the future. 10/21/06
The Break 7.4K Inspired by an actual incident in a way. Jim is confronted by a cop who thinks the Sentinel sees something evil about him. 08/10/07
The Lily Stories Series Please read "Lily Ellison" first. It was inspired by a challenge - What if Jim were happily married when he came on line. 08/10/07
O No! 4.6K Jim and Blair lose the remote and watch... er... educational televison? 02/16/08
Caught On Tape: Souped-Up Hero 4.8K Jim discovers a secret from Blair's past -- caught on Video -- that shows that things never change. Well, maybe tastes. 03/27/08
Out In The Cold 36.6K Jim and Blair are left in the wintery wilderness wearing only their skivies. Miles from civilization, they must survive for months while outside forces plot to keep them 'lost'. 04/26/08
Missing Pieces 126.7K Jim and Blair are informed by a stranger named Jarod that their lives are about to change forever... if they survive. 10/13/08
Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This 157.2K Jim and Blair come up against an old enemy and a former friend who know about sentinels. In the twisted minds of a rogue sentinel and a mad genius, nothing less than man-kinds fate hangs in the balance. Can Jim and Blair escape the insanely complex - yet brilliantly thought out plot against them and the whole world. 03/08/09