Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat 6K The Cascade PD puts on Joseph and the Amazing Technecolor Dreamcoat. 10/11/00
Mt. St. Helens 7K This is in response to challenge #2 on Jan and Sue's page. 10/11/00
I Flew Apaches In Desert Storm 22K Maybe Blair wasn't obfuscating at the end of Siege. 11/07/00
Alternate Ending For Siege 12K What if Kincaid hadn't been dumb enough to open the helicopter door in Siege? 11/25/00
Boom! 26K The title says it all. 06/20/01
Father's Day Series SERIES After Jim meets Blair's mother Naomi, their relationship takes a surprising turn. Multiple Dates
The Sentinel Prince Is Giving A Ball 40.9K King William and Queen Grace hold a ball to try to find a guide for their son Prince James. (A twist on the old Cinderella fairy tale.) 10/27/03
The Ride-Along 46.4K Jim turns the tables and rides along at Rainier with Blair. 10/13/07