Making It Right 57.3KA missing scene for Sweet Science. This is what I think would've happened after the scene where Blair offered to be Jamie's hostage. 03/28/98
Incidents Of Indiffence 13.2KThe result of reading the paper, and getting a little upset by what I read. Blair is upset; Jim comforts him. 04/12/98
Letting It Go 13.9KA missing Scene for Love Kills. How would Jim cope with the death of the woman he thought might be THE one. Can Blair help him get through the weeks following her death and put it behind him? 08/17/98
Little Words 1.8K A drabble. 01/23/99
More Little Words 3.4K Another drabble. 02/01/99
There's Always A First Time For Everything 35.5K Smarm, Jim owie, Smarm, Blair owies, Smarm, Hospital Scene, Smarm.............I think you guys get the idea, huh? 04/15/99
Random Happenstance 7.6K Just a bit of introspection with me using the guys to work my feelings out. 06/05/99
You'll Still Be In My Heart 24.7K A Companion piece to Suzie's 'You'll Be In My Heart'. A little Angst, A Little Smarm, and A little H/C. 09/14/99
I Knew I Shoulda Moved To Florida 8.3K My entry in the Senticon Story Contest. The rules were to write ashort story 1-3pgs using as many of the TS episode titles as possible inthe story. 06/19/00
Incoherent RamblingsOf a Depraved Mind During a Psychotic Episode in the midst of SpringWhilst the Azaleas Are in Bloom 15.4K Challenge entry for Cascade Times list, to say anymore is impossible. 11/15/00
Journey Onto Tomorrow 36.4K What do you do when the world as you know it ceases to exist? How do you go on? Do you have what it takes to build again? (AU) 03/23/01