Circumstance or Fate 29.9K The jungles of Peru can be an unrelenting place, and sometimes one small decision can change the course of a lifetime.11/28/99
The Likelihood Of Fate 44.1K The guys reunite, however, this time, the jungle is the least of their problems.01/07/00
Fighting Fate 35.2K While struggling to survive the jungle together, two different personalities clash over the hands they've been dealt.04/07/00
Fate Shall Guide 59.0K The truth comes out about Ellison's excursion into Peru, forcing the unlikely duo to work together to stay alive.06/22/01
The Wings Of Fate 35.8K Not sure where they stand, Jim and Blair finally make it back to the Chopec village where Incacha seals their destiny.09/03/02
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