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The Maze 90.9K
Burton Award - 'favorite story series'
Galileo returns to abduct Blair, forcing Jim to accept a stranger's help to rescue him. (MacGyver x-over) 07/22/97
Control 93.1KJim's senses have gone haywire, and it is up to Blair and MacGyver to help him regain control - once they find him! (MacGyver x-over) 08/24/97
Coatlicue 90.7KAn attack on a young man draws Blair, Jim, and MacGyver into a treasure hunt. (MacGyver x-over) 11/18/97
Ares Bugle 132.2KThe Sun Rise Patriots go after Daryl and an ailing Blair to get what they want. But why do they need MacGyver's alter ego? (MacGyver x-over) 01/14/98
Heirs To A Nightmare 184.4KMurdoc attempts to capture Sam and Blair in the Colorado wilderness, drawing MacGyver and Jim into a race for survival.(MacGyver x-over) 04/01/98
Neutral Party 27.4KMacGyver helps Jim sort out the aftermath of 'Sentinel, Too'. (MacGyver x-over) 06/11/98
Hot Time In Chicago 101.3KSam runs into trouble in the Windy City, and calls Blair and Jim for help. (MacGyver, Due South, Early Edition, Father Dowling Mysteries x-over) 09/14/98
In The Genes 141.0K Jim, Blair and Sam must use the clues Lisabrings them in order to find and rescue MacGyver. (MacGyver x-over) 12/14/98
The Road Not Taken 22.7K MacGyver's perspective on The Sentinel by BlairSandburg and his discussions with Blair. (MacGyver x-over) 05/28/99
Weardians And Witans 118.5K
Burton Award - 'favorite crossover'
When a top secret government project decides to 'recruit' Blair for his sentinel research, Jim and Mac will have to break into a high security installation to get him back. (MacGyver/SG-1 x-over) 05/17/00
The Haunting Of Christmas Past 47.4K A crisis sends Blair to MacGyver's side just before Christmas. (MacGyver x-over) 12/15/99
Refuge 131.0K When an ATF agent is on the run and believes his teammates are dead, who else is he going to call but his former Ranger C.O. -- James Ellison. (modern-day M7 x-over) 07/19/00
Charming The Hawk 147.5K When Sam is targeted in San Francisco, Blair and Jim will need a littlemagical help to protect him. 04/02/01
Synchronization In Chaos 156.8K When a photojournalist gives a federal agent a lift, what could happen? When it's Sam Malloy and Ezra Standish, it will take all their friends and family to settle the resulting chaos. 02/04/02
Roachia SERIES When humans settle on other planets, who better to take along but sentinels and their guides? But what happens to the colony when their protectors are destroyed and aliens from the planet want to exterminate all humans? In comes an untrained sentinel soldier named James Ellison, and an amnesiaic young man with a mysterious past.Multiple dates
Arts And Crimes LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 503 10/30/99
Sandburg Squared LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 517 04/04/00
Check And Checkmate LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 525 04/02/01
Brother Born For Adversity LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 602 10/29/00
Mishaps With Dinner LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 623 05/12/00
Other fic by Cindy Combs:
Magnicent Seven (ATF)

Magnificent Seven ATF Virtual Season 2
Lady Angel's Magnificent Seven Fanfiction

In The Midst Of Winter 124.6KDrawn into a kidnapping investigation in Maine, Jim and Blair struggle for survival in the deep woods. 06/20/97
The Other Ten Percent 37.5KJim and Blair both learn the importance of listening to your partner...and not listening to your partner. 07/07/97
Diverted 72.3KAfter a hijacking leaves them stranded, Blair's life is threatened by appendicitis and a murdered hostage reveals his Immortality to Jim. 09/07/97
Priorities 78.2KA hospital bombing separates Jim from a wounded Blair and sends the Sentinel on a desperate search. 03/23/98
The Most Perfect Day Ever 61.0K Jim must come to the rescue when Blair is taken hostage in Peru. 02/08/99
The Victim 66.2K Jim's romantic evening is disturbed by an injured Blair. 03/23/99
Florence Ellison 28.8K Jim examines his nurturing side. 05/31/99
Other Sentinel fic by Sandra McDonald (off-site): Self-Preservation - Blair has a new obsession.
Other fic by Sandra McDonald:
Planet of the Apes
Star Trek

Sandra McDonald's Home Page
Sandra McDonald's Home Page
Sandra McDonald's Home Page
Sandra McDonald's Home Page

Kalabar/Cintoban SERIESEver wonder how Blair seems to instinctively know exactly what to do to help out his Sentinel? Multiple dates
Mankiller 79.2KWhen a friend of Simon Banks asks for an undercover cop to help solve a disappearance at her training stable, she gets more than she asked for. 01/02/98
Time Of The Choosing 11.3KAnother ending to Sentinel Two. Will Sandburg accept his destiny? 06/28/98
Hotel California 83.3KThis story is based on the song, Hotel California, by the Eagles. (I know, original title for a story.) Woven into the song's lyrics is a horror story revolving around Blair and Rafe, as they stumble across a strange hotel hiddenin the middle of the forestÖ in the middle of a raging storm-of-the-century.(Think dark and stormy night.) 08/28/98

Rocky Top 57.7KA trip into the mountains tests not only Jim and Blair's endurance, but the depth of their friendship and the obstacles they can overcome because of it. 07/14/97
Trick Or Treat? 41.7KWhat can possibly go wrong in Cascade on Halloween? Vengeful brothers, pranks, and one peeved off sentinel. 10/28/97
To Give Is Greater 17.4KReceiving gifts at x-mas is always fun, but the guys are much more interested in picking the "perfect" gift for each other. (Watch out for the polar bear!) 12/21/97
Serendipity 90.2KMaking good on a Christmas present, Jim and Blair go on a week adventure in the wilds of Montana. Away from the dangers and hurried pace of Cascade, they find time to relate to nature...and each other. 05/21/99
Footpaths Through Peru SERIES In canon, Ellison and Sandburg meet in Cascade after Jim's time in Peru. But what might have happened if fate had decided to play its hand a little early? What if they had met in another environment under entirely different circumstances? Multiple dates
Other fic by Rivanna Michaels:
Starsky & Hutch

Bay City Library

The Light 32.7KAfter a long week of work, Blair has some difficulties dealing with his place in the loft. 07/16/97
Mea Culpa 123.4KTwo weeks before Halloween, a body is found badly burned in an alley of Cascade. A Nazi cross is carved on the corpse. Is the city the playground of another psycho? Or worse? 10/28/97
Never Too Late 12.0KA Christmas special. Rivanna and I decided we needed to write a little story during the hollidays. The challenge: write a short story that must involve at least a polar bear. Now there aren't any free polar bears in Cascade, right? Wrong! 12/21/97

Into The Wilderness 260.3K"It's all about friendship." But what happens to the friendship when the memories are gone? 08/01/98

Ain't No Mountain High Enough 16.0KA typical sentinal/guide vacation. *snerk* 01/19/02
Rain, Rain, Go Away 6.9KBlair, cold and wet. 01/19/02
After The Fall 31.1KPush everything time-wise back fifteen years. Y2K actually happened. Although civilization didnít crumble on New Yearís Eve, the infections in the various systems slowly caused the complete disintegration of all vital systems. 01/19/02
New Beginnings 63.7KBlairís first day on the surface observing the PDs. 01/19/02
Through Another's Eyes 22.1KBlair, from a completely different set of eyes. 01/19/02
That's What Friends Are For 13.3KBlair's first day back at the station after the Golden incident. 01/19/02
The Reason For It All 16.9KMissing post scene for "Survival" wherein Blair contemplates the reason he sticks arounds despite everything he's been through. 01/19/02
Hunted 49.5KWhat would it take for Blair to use his knowledge of sentinels against Jim? 01/19/02
Jimmy 76.5KWould Blair have made a difference if he had met Jim as a child? What if Jim gave Blair a chance to find out? 01/19/02
The Day After 8.0KSome missions are just too dangerous for a sentinel. 01/19/02
Guides 25.1KJim contemplates the nature of guides. 01/19/02
Where Are They Now? 46.2KHave you ever wondered why it supposedly took Blair eight years to get his masters and doctorate (which I guess, technically, he never really got)? Doesn't that seem like a rather long time? This is my take on what could have happened during the missing time period. 01/19/02
Finding The Path 14.3KHow Blair found the path. A prequel to "Where Are They Now?" 01/19/02
Time On His Hands 14.6KA story about friendship. 01/19/02
License 9.9KWhy is Blair so reluctant to get his driver's license renewed? 01/19/02
Metermaids 6.8KWhy are Jim and Blair writing parking tickets? 01/19/02
Napping 9.0KA sleepy, incoherent Blair. 01/19/02
Birthright Series Series Many times it's been said that Jim and Blair are closer than brothers. What would happen if they really were? Multiple Dates
Motion Of Discovery 43.1KA tape from Blair's past threatens to destroy his friendship with Jim. 01/19/02
Forgiven 6.3KForgive: To give up resentment against or the desire to punish; to stop being angry with; to pardon. 01/19/02
Overdue Penalties 66.3K A Starsky & Hutch crossover with The Sentinel (or at least a ten-year old Blair). Blair witnesses a murder. Can Starsky and Hutch get to him before the killer does? 01/19/02
Trouble Magnet 13.7K Jim learns that Blair may have been a trouble magnet before they ever met. 02/24/02
Blair, And The Horrible, Terrible, No Good Very Bad Day 9.0K See title. Nuff said. 04/06/02
Hazard 32.6K An AU (set today) where Blair meets Jim under a completely different set of circumstances. 08/24/02

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