Rating: G

It's a year after Incacha died, how has Blair changed since he received the 'way of the Shaman'



Births, even spiritual ones, are often bloody, messy affairs which shake you from your warm womb of complacency and thrust you into a cold, alien environment, crying and confused. Blair was surprised to realize that he hadn't been aware of his spiritual rebirth at the time it happened, despite it being violent and leaving him gasping in dismay.

He had seen Incacha's passing of the mantel as a blessing, one teacher to another; maybe even as an apology, acknowledging the fact that Blair would be alone in his journey as Jim's teacher.

Having always been teased that he was solar powered, Blair didn't see his awareness of the outdoors in a different light. Since the sun was always something of a shy stranger in the Pacific Northwest, he viewed the clarity in which he saw the life around him as a celebration of the fact that it simply wasn't raining.

When people started to notice his ability to predict the weather, he laughed it off and credited it to Jim's addiction to the weather channel.

When the detectives of Major Crimes realized he hadn't gotten lost in months, he told them that riding with Jim was making him less directionally challenged.

People coming to him with their problems really wasn't a new occurrence, and he simply credited his -ology education for his insights. After all, he was in the business of studying man.

It wasn't until he was deep within Cascade's National Park with a lost toddler cradled in his arms, that he realized the squirrels had given him directions on how to find the crying child.

And for the life of him, he didn't have a clue as to how he was going to break the news to Jim.

~ End ~

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