Rating: R for language

Notes: Written for Frostdoll, who provided me the picture and said, "You know, they look like they're waiting for Dakota."



"They're doing their covert stuff again, aren't they?" The Edge asked softly from beside him.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure they are."

"And we're their cover?"

Bono nodded. "Are you okay with that?"

Adam turned his head and grinned at his friends. "Where do we sign up for our own spooks?"

Larry leaned into the tight group. "I've always contended that George, the sound guy, works for MI5."

Adam barked out in laughter. "You're so full of shit."

The drummer shrugged again. "I'm just saying."

"What if they got caught?" Edge asked quietly.

"They're better than that," Bono said, trying to sound reassuring.

"But if there's problems?" Adam asked, more bored than actually worried.

"Dakota said if there were any problems that we should get on the plane and let them work their way to us."

"Sounds sort of diversionary." Larry grinned.

"I wonder what sort of diversion they'd create," the bassist said curiously, turning slightly as the group became aware of a growing noise in the distance.

Bono chuckled. "Well, knowing Dakota, it'd be something pretty spectacular."

"What's that noise?" Adam asked, looking down the long causeway.

A din like rolling thunder grew louder and louder as if somehow a storm had somehow gotten caught in the corridors of the international airport.

"Oh. My. God," Larry whispered as a wave of humanity flooded toward them.

Four sets of eyes grew wide in horror as they made out a small group of men running barely a hundred feet in front of a thousand screaming teenage girls. Dakota's spiky, platinum blond hair made him stand out in the little hunted group.

Bono eyes widened as he watched Ellison, Wilson, Panetti, Romano, Brown and Rafe racing toward them like the hounds of hell were on their heels. He could see Ellison trying to shout something at them but couldn't make out what he was saying. Reflexively, he took a step forward, but found himself stopped by Adam's hand on his arm.

"Ummmm... Paul."

"Oh, shit," the drummer mouthed. "Run."

"What?" The Edge asked, confusion evident on his face.


As one the band spun on their heels and pounded toward their gate.

Bono was shocked to find Henri Brown running by his side.

"Man, don't slow down, whatever you do." Brown tried to chuckle, but couldn't find his breath. "And whatever you do, for the love of God, don't trip."

Security took one look at the crowd behind them and frantically waved them through the gate. The two bands squeezed through the metal detectors and into the plane's loading ramp before they slowed to a stop, each man looking back at the swarm of girls stopped outside the glass walls surrounding the boarding area.

"God damn it, Blair!" Matt Wilson wheezed in exasperation, forgetting to use the singer's alias, then leaned against the metal wall and tried to calm his shaking limbs.

"What?" the blond man asked with feigned innocence. "You said create a diversion that would get us onto the plane and I did."

Panetti sighed as he leaned against The Edge. "Man, I'd rather face armed Korean operatives any day as opposed to a mob of fanatic teenage girls."

"Are you telling me that you arranged," Adam sputtered in shock as he pointed toward the mass of hormones not a hundred feet away, "that?"

Dakota looked a little uneasy. "Okay, I'll admit that it might have gotten a little out of hand."

"A little out of hand?" Larry repeated, dazed.

Ellison barked out in laughter, grabbed his friend by the neck, and gave him as a noogie as he dragged him toward the door of the plane. The rest of the men in the corridor blinked in shock, their chuckles morphing into laughter as they followed the singer onto the plane.

Bono looked at the crowd, then back toward his friends. One thing was for sure, waiting for Dakota was never boring.


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