Sentinel Fanfiction 3

Stealing Memories 199.5KChildhood memories and crimes push an already burnt out Sandburg over the edge. Can one pigheaded, militant Sentinel pull him out of the spin cycle and save his life? 02/27/98
For Wild Things 212.9KFlu season and snow storms plague Cascade forcing Blair to confront some insecurities that still haunt him. Both Sentinel and Guide discover a link, not only to the spiritual world, but the natural one as well. They learn to be truly thankful for wild things. 02/27/98
Homespun Logic 137.9KAll family structures have their ups and downs, arguments and misunderstandings...even the Sentinel/Guide relationship. The family structure can also help heal wounds and mend the bonds between friends, even when it's someone else's family. 02/27/98
Lost In The Clouds 183.7KBlair is having fun writing fan fiction on the Internet when he stumbles upon atrocities that prove too much for his fragile soul. Only Jim can save him from the monsters out there and the ones he finds within himself. 03/24/98
The Seeker Unaware with StarPlaza 205.2KBlair has a hard time handling the title of Shaman, losing himself in the name and the position. In search of himself and his newly acquired responsibilities, he finds an old journal that leads him on a parallel course of self-awareness and danger. 08/05/98
Glassfish 186.4KBlair is asked to fulfill the posthumous request of a dear friend, but current events have placed him in the public eye. Attracting unwanted and deadly attention, he finds himself in danger in a world where Sentinels of another kind dwell. 09/16/98

Jenna 163.4KWhen a senator's young daughter, with whom Jim and Blair are acquainted, is kidnapped and held for ransom, tensions run high as they run themselves ragged trying to save her before tragedy strikes. Can Major Crime's best team manageto save the little girl before kidnapping turns to murder? 03/22/98
Reflections On The Human Condition
Three distinct points of view tell the story of a tragic event that begins with a misunderstanding and may mean doom for the Sentinel, his Guide and their captain. Each segment explores the depth of a single emotion as the story progresses and each man deals with the repercussions of a case gone terribly wrong. Multiple dates
Convenience 108.1KA string of deadly convenience store robberies, two punishing schedules and a secret wrongly kept from a friend push Jim and Blair into separate corners. Can they overcome their personal demons and make amends before one of them ends up dead? 09/04/98
Fantasia 0.0K
Golden Echoes LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 507 12/06/99

Making It Right 57.3KA missing scene for Sweet Science. This is what I think would've happened after the scene where Blair offered to be Jamie's hostage. 03/28/98
Incidents Of Indiffence 13.2KThe result of reading the paper, and getting a little upset by what I read. Blair is upset; Jim comforts him. 04/12/98
Letting It Go 13.9KA missing Scene for Love Kills. How would Jim cope with the death of the woman he thought might be THE one. Can Blair help him get through the weeks following her death and put it behind him? 08/17/98
Little Words 1.8K A drabble. 01/23/99
More Little Words 3.4K Another drabble. 02/01/99
There's Always A First Time For Everything 35.5K Smarm, Jim owie, Smarm, Blair owies, Smarm, Hospital Scene, Smarm.............I think you guys get the idea, huh? 04/15/99
Random Happenstance 7.6K Just a bit of introspection with me using the guys to work my feelings out. 06/05/99
You'll Still Be In My Heart 24.7K A Companion piece to Suzie's 'You'll Be In My Heart'. A little Angst, A Little Smarm, and A little H/C. 09/14/99
I Knew I Shoulda Moved To Florida 8.3K My entry in the Senticon Story Contest. The rules were to write ashort story 1-3pgs using as many of the TS episode titles as possible inthe story. 06/19/00
Incoherent RamblingsOf a Depraved Mind During a Psychotic Episode in the midst of SpringWhilst the Azaleas Are in Bloom 15.4K Challenge entry for Cascade Times list, to say anymore is impossible. 11/15/00
Journey Onto Tomorrow 36.4K What do you do when the world as you know it ceases to exist? How do you go on? Do you have what it takes to build again? (AU) 03/23/01

Overload 41.2KCascade's finest arrive in Chicago for a conference and meet a new sentinel. (Due South x-over) 08/13/98
Teacher, Helper, Friend 51.8KThe sequel to Overload. A bomb is detonated in the 27th district building. Jim and Blair travel to Chicago and reunite with a new friend. 04/15/98
Enemy Unseen 25.8KBlair is kidnapped by someone from Jim's past 04/15/98
Full Circle 49.0KJim faces the possibility of a life threatening illness. 04/27/98
Shadow Play 28.3KA man from Cassie's past shows up at the loft. 05/03/98
Remember Me 22.7KJim must face the possibility of life without his guide when a car accident leaves Blair with amnesia. 05/23/98
Differences 13.5KJim has difficulties when Blair is put in danger one too many times. 05/23/98
Missing 33.3KCONTAINS ADULT CONTENT Someone with a grudge against Simon kidnaps Daryl. 07/19/98
Pain And Perseverance 29.8KBlair is nearly killed in a hit and run accident. 08/13/98
Aftermath 14.1KA resolution to S2 08/17/98
Violations 14.9KOne too many late nights takes its toll on Blair. 08/17/98
You Are Cordially Invited... 46.5KDaryl's high school graduation. 09/04/98
Darkness And Light 100.0KBlair's life is thrown into disarraywhen he faces a loss, but there may be a far moreprecious friendship waiting for him. As well, one ofCascade's finest has finally ended a long period ofsolitude... 06/26/99
Setting Things Straight 0.0K

Peaceful Journey 12.6KAn epilogue to the episode "Warriors". Blair helps Jim come to terms with Incacha's death, as they release his spirit to begin it's journey. 07/14/98
Puppy Love 28.6KSandburg rescues a litter of newborn pups, and in doing so gives Ellison a piece of his childhood that the older man had never gotten to experience. 07/24/98
Baby Blues 60.2KAn abandoned baby with a connection to one of the partners draws them into a web of lies and conspiracy as they try to keep her safe and learn the truth of her parentage. 08/20/98
Year Of Memories SERIES Series covers a year of growth and discovery for Sentinel and Guide as they learn the truth about Jim's family and deal with the fall-out from those discoveries. Mulitple Dates
Suicide Watch 178.0KWas it a suicide attempt, or something else. Jim and the men and women of Major Crimes face the possibility that they don't know their favorite observer as well as they think they do. Will they find out the truth in time to save him? 02/11/99
Little Boy Lost 253.7K Blair's cryptic words at the hospital were just a hint at the horrors of the past. Now Jim must watch as the nightmare returns and threatens to take the young man away forever. Will the support of their colleagues be enough to prevent any more harm? (The story picks up one week after 'Suicide Watch'.)09/28/01
NOW He's A Cop LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 502 10/18/99
Roughing It 12.2K City boy Rafe finds out what kind of trouble follows Sandburg and Ellison when he and Brown join our boys on a camping trip. 12/06/99
Dirty Bird 110.3K
Burton Award - 'could have been an episode'
A talking bird is the only witness to a murder, and it falls to Ellison andSandburg to unravel what the bird knows. 12/15/99
Hide And Seek LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 508 12/15/99
Sins Of The Father, Sins Of The Son LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 607 12/17/00
Here Kitty, Kitty LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 616 03/23/01
Walk A Mile In My Shoes LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 709 07/16/02

Cypher: Missing Scene 7.3K It bugs me everytime I watch "Cypher" that we missed the fight in the loft between Lash and Blair. So I wrote it. Hope you all like it. 03/23/01
Warm Fires Of Home 52.0K Blair gets kidnapped. Jim to the rescue. (Hey, who said it was original?) Lotsa angstand smarm. Almost enough to satisfy my daughter. Set sometime late in season 3 or season 4because Megan is mentioned. 04/02/01
Together 13.0K "Cypher" Missing Scene. 09/28/01
The Key 112.1K Blair wakes up in a hospital far from home with trauma-induced amnesia. He must rely on his dreams and the kindness of strangers to find out what happened to him. 10/06/01
Mr. Sandburg, No More 4.8K Missing scene from "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". Blair cleans out his office at Rainier and gets an unexpected visit. 11/02/01
One Week 30.0K Missing scene from "The Debt". How did Jim and Blair get from 'Just one week, man.' to Blair living with Jim permanently? 11/20/01
Forces Of Light And Dark 93.3K Jim and Blair meet under slightly different circumstances and this Universe is remotely weirder than usual. 03/10/02
Unforeseen Consequences 55.7K A sequel to 'Forces of Light and Dark'. Jim and Blair experience side-effects to the bond that they hadn't counted on. 08/05/02

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