This is the next in my "Father's Day" series. Obviously from the title, there are spoilers for Brother's Keeper. There are also (obviously) references to the first story in this series.

This takes place in my own AU, the "Father's Day" universe.

Thank you to Hercat for betaing this for me. Any mistakes are my own.

Standard disclaimers apply, face it, if I had the money to be sued, I'd have the money to obtain the rights to the guys (and several others I really enjoy).



Debra Baschal

"I am sooo proud. My dad, 'Officer of the Year'." Blair's grin grew as he remembered the stunned look on Jim's face as the Mayor had made his announcement. He felt like he was walking on air, at least until Ben Prince's body had plummeted past them.

Later, Jim had greeted someone he called Steven. It had been very stiff and formal. He had ended the conversation very quickly, walking away. When asked, Jim had told him that Steven was his brother. Blair had been shocked. He knew he had a grandfather, at least, somewhere in Cascade, however his father had never hinted at any other family.

When he had pointed out that the sentinel abilities could be hereditary, Jim had joked about shipping his brother off to Peru for 18 months. Realizing it was a touchy subject, Blair had deadpanned back about possibly applying for a grant.

The next day, Blair had been pleased to win his bet, especially since it meant rubbing it in to Simon and the others. Finding the body after Jim had rescued that woman and her baby as the column had sort of exploded, hadn't been that great. Neither had been finding out his uncle was now a prime suspect in Ben Prince's murder and that his dad was the one who had come up with the evidence to support it.

He was also shocked to find out that the two of them hadn't spoken since he was 4. Over 20 years of having no contact with his own brother. When he had asked about it, his dad had told him about his father's raising them because their mother was gone. How he had pitted Jim and Steven against each other in a competition for everything, including for his attention and affection, such as it was. Finding out about the '65 Cobra and the trip to Asia had made him feel just sick.

He still felt his dad and uncle needed to talk. Then Steven had called and Jim had taken off to meet him. But that had ended up with them both almost being killed and a plan to catch the real killer and maybe his boss. Instead, they had ended up with a dead shooter, a crumbling grandstand and a fleeing prime suspect, Steven's boss Patricia Reynolds. After a wild chase out of the track and into a nearby amusement park on horseback, Jim had caught her and Steven had been cleared of everything.

Last night, several weeks later, after Jim had gotten the award, they had all retired to the stables, where they had all, with the exception of Jim and Steven, gotten drunk. Blair groaned as he felt his stomach try to turn over again. He promised himself he was never going to smoke another cigar while drinking. Or even when he wasn't drinking. Man, he felt sick and his mouth tasted like an ashtray. Bleh!

At least some good had come of last night. Besides finding out that Jim had grown up around horses and watching his dad give the award to a horse, Jim and Steven had decided, after making their peace with each other, to try to be brothers again.

Now, the next morning, Blair realized he had never met Steven, hadn't even had a chance to talk to him. Hearing the front door close, he decided to find out why not.

Moving into the living room he came to a sudden stop as he spotted not only Jim, but also Steven carrying bags into the kitchen.

"Hey Chief, I'm glad you're up." Jim commented cheerfully. "How are you feeling?"

Blair wagged his hand back and forth in a so-so manner. "Not bad considering all I had to drink or that I was stupid enough to have that cigar." He grinned. "I stopped wanting you to shoot me after I grabbed a shower and some tea and toast."

Jim smiled in relief. "Good. 'Cause I want to officially introduce the two of you. Stevie, do you remember that girl who use to live next door to us growing up?"

"You mean Naomi Witherspoon? Your girlfriend till she ran away. I was about 10 or 11."

"That's her. She's Blair's mother." Jim told him.

"Whoa," Steven said shocked. "She must've gotten pregnant not long after she took off. As I remember it, Dad never really liked her."

"No, he didn't and she was pregnant when she left." Jim informed him.

"When she left?" Steven's eyes went wide. "That would mean..." His eyes grew even larger.

Jim grinned. "Stevie, I'd like you to meet my son, James Ellison Jr., better known as Blair Sandburg. Chief, this is your uncle, my brother, Steven Ellison."

"Hi." Steven said with a slightly stunned smile on his face.

"It's nice to finally meet you." Blair said as they shook hands. "I guess I'm as big a surprise to you as you are to me?"

Steven laughed. "Definitely." He glanced at Jim. "Why the second name?"

"Oh." Jim looked serious. "Come on, we'll tell you over lunch."

As they ate, Jim and Blair took turns telling about how they had met and why they hadn't known about each other.

Steven shook his head sadly. "Have you talked to Dad about this yet?"

"No." Jim answered definitely. "I haven't spoken to him since I left home. I can't and won't deal with him right now." His expression lightened considerably. "What I do want to do right now, is get to know you again, like we planned. And to let you and Blair get to know each other also."

Steven nodded. "I understand, Jim. It took me a lot of years to start reconciling with Dad, and he didn't pull half the crap with me that he did with you." He grinned. "Just don't shut Sally out."

Jim's eyes widened. "Never. She and you, until things got out of hand, were the ones who made that place a home to me. And yeah, I do still talk and see her occasionally." He smiled fondly. "She still keeps me supplied with peanut-butter chocolate chunk M&M cookies every month."

"What!" Blair's eyes grew large in shock. "And you've never shared them with me?" His face took on a disappointed look. "Some father you turned out to be." Unable to keep a straight face he started giggling.

Jim shook his head in mock regret. "What can I say, Chief. I know how hard you try to avoid unhealthy foods like that..." He started smiling.

"I could've always turned you down." Blair countered.

"But what kind of dad would I be if I put that kind of temptation in front of you every month?" Jim's for-you-own-good tone of voice was in direct contrast with the devilish gleam in his eyes.

"Temptation!" Blair exclaimed, "I'll show you temptation." His voice dropped to a mutter. "I'll give you tests you can't believe."

"Tests?" Steven asked. "What kind of tests?"

"All sorts of them." Blair almost growled.

"Do these tests have anything to do with the way you could smell dinner from the park? Or knew when Sally was calling us when we were 3 blocks away? Or could see Dad's car from half a mile away back when we were kids?" Steven asked looking at Jim.

Jim glanced at Blair who shrugged and said "Genetics."

Jim grinned and slapped his brother on his knee. "We've got something to explain to you Steven."

Over the next several hours Steven listened in amazement as his brother and nephew explained about Jim's abilities and about their sentinel-guide relationship and the tests.

At hearing that the tests were designed to help and strengthen Jim's abilities, Steven couldn't help asking. "If the tests are supposed to help you get more control, why do you fight Blair about them?"

"You've never seen this kid in 'mad scientist mode. Being his father makes no difference either." Jim grinned.

Blair's jaw dropped in shock, then he grinned.

"He also has to give up control while we're doing the tests and well, you obviously know what a control freak he is."

"Brat." Jim growled in response.

"Bossy," Blair shot back.

"Indiana Jones." Jim smirked

"Dick Tracy." Blair grinned

"Doctor Frankenstein."

"Joe Friday."


"Anal Retentive."

"Brillo Pad Head."

"Cue ball."

"Cue ball?" Jim looked surprised. "I've got plenty of hair."

"What there is of it." Blair grinned wickedly.

"One word, Junior." Jim looked at him triumphantly. "Genetics." He grabbed Blair around the neck and quickly gave him a noogie.

"Oww. Not the hair, man." Blair almost whined.

Steven, by now was laughing helplessly at their antics.

Jim grinned at Blair as they watched Steven. "Nice to know we can be so entertaining."

Blair grinned back. "Ya know, Dad, maybe I can get Uncle Steven to do some testing for me?"

Steven sobered for a moment then shrugged. "Sure, why not. However I doubt I have enhanced senses like Jim."

"They could be dormant like Dad's were for years." Blair offered.

"Or you could have the genetic predetermination to be a guide like Blair."

"What?" Blair looked at his father, dumbfounded.

"What?" Jim repeated. "Isn't that the right term?"

Blair shook his head as if to clear it and grinned. "Yeah, Dad. That's the right term. I just never thought you were listening to me. You usually get this spaced out look when I try to explain things to you."

"Actually I've learned how to cut through all the extra explanations and get to the most important parts." Jim admitted, blushing. "You do admit that you tend to overwhelm me with too much information sometimes."

Blair started blushing.

Steven laughed. "Just like Naomi. She always could talk up a blue streak." His grin turned wicked. "You're just lucky I wasn't closer in age or I would've tried to steal her from you."

"What are you talking about?" Jim looked playfully incensed. "You did keep trying to steal her from me. You'd turn those big eyes on her and look all cute and adorable and try to steal her away from me."

Steven sighed in mock despair. "But it never worked. That beautiful redhead was stuck on you. Just because you were a quarterback and a hippie-wanna-be like she was."

"I still can't picture Jim as a flower-child." Blair shook his head in wonder.

"Would you drop it, Chief. You've been saying that since we found out. It was old after the first week." Jim growled. "Keep it up and I may ground you."

Blair grinned. "No way, man. I am not a kid."

"A kid, no. My kid, yes." Jim beamed at his son, who beamed back.

"So, Uncle Steven, are you married or have any kids or anything?" Blair turned to Steven.

Steven laughed. "More test subjects? Yes, I am married."

He answered as he pulled his wallet out and removed a picture of a beautiful woman with short strawberry-blonde hair, an adorable 5 year-old girl with curly brown shoulder-length hair, a 3 year-old blonde hair boy and a year-old baby boy who also had blonde hair. Steven handed it proudly to Blair and Jim.

"That's my wife, Nichole, Sandy is 5, Billy is 3 and Joey is 14 months."

"Joey?" Blair grinned. He nodded towards Jim and asked, "Named after anyone special?"

Steven laughed as Jim lightly cuffed Blair on the back of the head.

"His full name is Joseph James Ellison and, yes, he was named after Jim."

"Why isn't there a Steven Jr.?" Blair asked, honestly interested in the answer.

"Sandy is Sandra Stephanie. I'm Steven Saunders. Nickie insisted." Steven explained with a shrug. "And before you ask, they're in Louisville visiting with her parents. It's their 50th wedding anniversary. I'm going to fly down there tomorrow and join them."

"Where were they when you were... when everything happened?" Blair asked feeling slightly awkward.

Steven smiled sympathetically at him. "They were in Denver. Nickie's sister had a baby and Nickie went down to help. She took the kids because Claire and Luke have kids about the same ages." He blushed slightly. "And she says I try to spoil them rotten when she leaves them with me."

"Yes!" Blair cheered. "An uncle who's a soft touch."

"You're too old to spoil, Chief." Jim informed him.

"Well," Blair thought. "If I'm too old to spoil, then I'm too old to ground." His eyes danced with mischievous glee.

"How about a spanking." Jim countered as he grabbed his son around the waist and pulled him over his knee before Blair could escape. Squirming, Blair screamed in laughter, trying to get away as he was tickled.

Jim waggled his eyebrows at his brother then gently pushed Blair off his lap. "Naw, your mother would probably give me a 20 minute lecture." He winked at Steven. "I know, there's a Bonanza marathon this weekend."

Blair groaned. "I'd rather have another hangover."

Ignoring him, Jim turned to Steven.

"When are you going to be back?"

Steven shrugged. "We should be back by Thursday. Why?"

"Because I'd like to meet my sister-in-law and niece and nephews. How about a picnic at the park?" Jim smiled.

"I've got a better idea. How about a bar-b-que at our place?"

Jim looked at Blair, who nodded enthusiastically.

"We'd love to. Just let us know when and what we can bring."

"I'll clear it with Nickie and let you know." Steven answered happily.

"Now," he looked at Blair. "About these tests."

The end.

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