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OK, this is actually an AU story. In this universe, Jim is a little older than he is on the show (the 1957 b-day in Red Ice or the 1963/4 b-day in Remembrance). It also involves a bit of, what I think of as genetic tampering, or as my mother use to say, having things skip a generation or two. I'll explore more of this as the series continues. Oh, yea, I have a... well several follow-ups to this story, other missing scenes/alternate endings and a few original stories.

The name of the series is listed at the end of the story.

Let me know if I should continue or give it up.

(Alternate Universe)

Debra Baschal

Jim couldn't believe his eyes. He knew Blair's mother. Actually he had known her, a very long time ago.

Naomi Sandburg... Sandburg? Where had she gotten that name? No wonder he hadn't connected his partner and Naomi together.

He wanted to say something to her, however he realized she hadn't recognized him, and the sage was reeking havoc with his sinuses. He could barely take a deep breath without sneezing.

Of course, he thought with a mental snort, one leads to the other.

God she looks good, as he watched the mother and son interact and kept up with the conversation. I can't believe it's been 25... no, 26 years since I saw her last. Since she ran away from home...

His thoughts were interrupted by his beeper going off. Lord, he wanted to talk to her alone.

Jim sighed in relief as he heard Gary and Francine drive off, away from the building. He'd almost had a heart attack when Gary had burst in with his gun drawn, then had the nerve to point it at Naomi. He did not want her exposed to this. It was bad enough Blair had to be involved. He shook his head in bewilderment. She must have gotten pregnant very shortly after she had run away. Oh, how he wished he had been able to go with her as planned, but he had broken his leg playing football and had needed surgery to set it. He'd been broken hearted when she had stopped by the hospital to tell him she was still leaving, anyway. She had promised to contact him in six months, but never had. He now realized that having Blair was the reason.

She looked fantastic. Her figure was even better than when she was 17. He could also see where Blair got his enthusiasm from, his bounce as it were. It had been so familiar when they first met, now he knew why. She still hadn't recognized him. As they prepared to go out to eat, he had convinced Blair to put away the tongue sandwich he was making. Jim tried to decide when he should approach her about it.

The tension drained with the water as the shower pounded on his abused body. Jim wasn't sure if he had been stupid for jumping on to the semi, or lucky when he had fallen off. Since he only had bumps and bruises, he decided he was lucky.

Very lucky.

Both Blair and Naomi were safe. He had almost panicked when he'd seen his Noma next to Francine in that Lambragini. He had been thankful when back up had gotten there in time and she was unhurt.

As he shut off the shower, he heard Blair tell Naomi he was leaving on his date and that he hoped his leaving didn't bother her. He heard her assure him that it didn't and that she'd probably just meditate most of the evening.

Jim realized this was his chance to talk to Naomi and find out what had happened, and hopefully find out if she remembered him. (Please, dear God let her remember him.) He quickly dressed in a pair of black pants and a dark red shirt over his T-shirt.

Taking a deep breath, he left the bathroom. Walking into the main room of the loft, he felt confused. It was empty, as was Blair's room. He hadn't heard Naomi leave. Using his hearing, he quickly located her. Puzzled, he climbed the stairs to find her seated on the middle of his bed, looking radiant in a low cut olive dress.

Clearing his throat, Jim approached his bed. "You know, Blair probably wouldn't understand this if he came in right now."

Naomi smiled at him. "Yes, he would. He'd think I was trying to deliberately embarrass him by showing you the photo album."

"Would he be right?" Jim asked casually.

"Not entirely. I mean, yes I do want you to see what Our Blair looked like as a child." She took a calming breath, then continued, "but mainly, I wanted to talk to you, Jamey."

Jim's heart skipped a beat as he heard a nickname only one person on earth had ever called him.

Jim happily sighed in relief as he sunk down onto the bed next to her. "Oh Noma, I didn't think you had recognized me."

Her eyes went wide with shock. "Of course I recognized you," she smiled. "I tried to keep track of you over the years. I may not like the military, but I was so proud of you when you made Captain. I was devastated when you were reported MIA, presumed dead in Peru. I went into mourning for you. You'd never believe my surprise when Blair finally told me, last month, the name of the pig... er, cop he was riding with and that he'd been stranded in a Peruvian jungle for 18 months. That's why I had to visit."

Jim smiled back at her. "I recognized you as soon as I saw you. I was just..."

"Sneezing your head off from the sage," she offered. "Your senses are back on high again, aren't they?"

Jim nodded. "That's one of the reasons Blair's here."

"Oh my God! You're a sentinel. You are what Blair's been obsessed with since he was little. I just never associated the two things."

Jim grinned. "He called me his Holy Grail once, and yes, I am and Blair's my Guide... Is he the reason you never contacted me? Were you in love with his father?"

"Yes, I am, very much so, even now. But I did try to contact you. I wrote you a letter to let you know when I was going to call. Your father answered the phone."

"Oh no." Jim groaned, feeling the blood drain from his face. "He must've been reading my mail."

Naomi nodded. "He called me a slut and a whore. He told me that you wanted nothing to do with us, and that he'd send you to a military boarding school up in Northern Alaska if I tried to contact you again. Two days later, he brought me a suitcase with $10,000 in it to the hospital. He told the doctors I was his niece and that I had been raped and had no idea who my baby's father was. That's why Blair's father was supposed to be listed as unknown. He also told me he was arranging for my son's adoption and I would never find him. The money was so I would disappear and never come back. He told me he had sent you to a summer employment camp somewhere and that when you got back, you wouldn't be allowed any unopened mail or unscreened phone calls. I was in tears when he left. I knew I could never see you again, at least until we were both 18. I also knew I couldn't loose our baby. So I took the suitcase and Blair, slipped out and ran away. I knew your father would try to find us, so I changed our last name to Sandburg and his first names to Blair Jacob and started running. I got a new birth certificate for Blair down in Seattle. I told them he was a home birth, delivered by a friend, and kept moving. I tried to contact you after your eighteenth birthday, but your housekeeper said you had left home and she had no idea where to find you. I found out about the Army later." She looked worriedly at him. "I hope you can forgive me."

Jim was in shock. He felt like his entire world had been turned upside down. "Blair's my son? Our son?" He asked incredulously.

Naomi nodded. "Yes, he is. I was going to tell you at the hospital, but your father ran me out of there before I could." She lifted a baby picture out of the book, pulling out a birth certificate. "Here's Blair's original birth certificate. It was made out before your father made them issue a new one."

Jim took the paper in trembling hands and read the name through quickly filling eyes: James Joseph Ellison Jr.

"Thank you," he choked out. Naomi gathered him into her arms as he started crying, as they both started crying.

Several minutes later, Jim pulled back. "Sorry," he apologized as he wiped his tear-streaked face.

"Your father was full of crap when he fed you that macho bull about real men not crying. They do. Because they are real men and aren't afraid to buck society's stereotyping," Naomi vehemently informed him.

Jim grinned as he pulled his first love into a tight hug. "You're so right as usual Noma."

She giggled. "You're the only one who's ever called me that. I still love you."

Jim smiled. "You're part of the reason my marriage failed. Part of me felt I was betraying what we had together by being with Carolyn. I'd never given up hope of finding you again some day."

"That's the same reason I've never stayed with any one man for very long," Naomi agreed with him.

"Being on the run from my father, who was trying to take our baby, probably didn't help either." Naomi shook her head. Jim felt his temper start to rise. "That son of a bitch had no right to do that to you, me or Blair. I hope he..." he hung his head sadly. "I haven't spoken to him in over 20 years. Now I don't care if it's another 120 years before I talk to him again."

Naomi hugged him tightly again. "My poor Jamey."

"What are we going to tell Blair? Should we tell him? He's got a lot of unresolved anger at his father..." Jim asked uncertainly.

"Of course we tell him," Naomi assured him. "He has a right to know. By the time he was old enough for me to tell him, he was already on his own, and you were missing, presumed dead. I couldn't see the point in telling him about his father who everyone thought was dead. I planned on telling him when he turned 30." Her smile blazed. "I am so glad I don't have to wait now."

They both started laughing as they hugged.

"You said something about photo albums?" Jim asked as they parted.

Naomi nodded. "I made a duplicate album for everyone I have. I've always intended them for you, so these are yours."

Jim's face lit up in genuine delight. "Thank you, Noma. I really appreciate that." He kissed her cheek then settled down next to her on the bed.

Several hours later, Jim heard Blair's car pull up outside. Mentioning it to Naomi, they continued to reminisce about Blair's growing up as they drank wine. Jim had also agreed to try the tongue for her.

As Blair entered the loft, both Jim and Naomi exchanged mischievous grins and let the conversation take a pseudo-sexual turn, both giggling, until he reached the stairs to Jim's bedroom. Then she started talking about a play he had been in back in third grade where he had played Richard Nixon.

As he reached the top of the stairs, Blair asked, "What the hell is going on here?"

Naomi lit up even more and pointed to the food. "Blair, look. He's eating tongue. He likes it."

Jim nodded. "Uh huh. Do you hear that?"

Blair nodded, partly embarrassed he'd jumped to the wrong conclusion. "Yea, I hear that."

"Come on, dig in," Jim invited.

"Have some, Honey," Naomi agreed.

"Alright." Blair took a piece off the plate Naomi offered him. "I think I'm gonna need a drink. Gimme the wine. Great." He took his mother's offered glass.

"Cheers, bottoms up, hey," Jim toasted laughing.

"Salud," Blair countered.

"Next, we'll have some esophagus," Jim joked.

"So, what have you guys been up too?" Blair asked.

"Your Mom's been telling me all about your childhood, Chief." Jim informed him.

Blair started blushing. "Mommm..."

Jim and Naomi both laughed.

"Have a seat, Chief." Jim motioned towards the end of the bed. "We need to have a talk."

Blair sat on the end of the bed with a rising sense of dread. "You guys haven't been doing the 'wild thing' have you?" He laughed nervously.

"Oh Blair." Naomi waved her hand at him as she and Jim exchanged a nod. "We haven't done that since before you were born."

Blair nodded in relief, "Good..." He froze as what she said finally penetrated. "Wait a second. Since before I was born?"

"That's right, Sweetie," Naomi confirmed.

Jim reddened. "In fact, if we hadn't... done the 'wild thing' back then, you wouldn't be here."

"WHAT?" Blair's eyes went wide. He quickly took a drink of wine.

"Blair," Naomi began. "Baby, you know how your birth certificate says you were born at home, near Seattle?"

"Yea, it was a couple of days before you could get to the hospital to get it recorded and me checked out," Blair remembered. "Why?"

Naomi picked up the birth certificate and handed it to him. "I lied on that one. This is the one that was issued here at Cascade General, when you were born."

Blair looked confused and quickly read the paper, paling as he did so. "This is some sort of joke. Isn't it?" He asked shocked.

"No, Baby, it isn't," Naomi answered.

"Why didn't you ever tell me? Why did you lie to me and tell me you didn't know who my father was?" Blair started getting louder.

"I never said I didn't know who he was, just that I couldn't tell you," she explained.

"Semantics," Blair snapped at her. Turning to Jim, his eyes blazing, "I suppose you knew the whole time?"

"No." Jim shook his head. "I had no idea we were related, until Noma told me tonight," he told him earnestly. "We were in love when we were kids. Noma's family lived next door. When she was 17 and I was 16, we planned to run away together and join the hippie movement down in San Francisco."

"You a hippie?" Blair squeaked in disbelief.

Jim laughed. "It could've happened, Chief."

Blair grinned. "Sure Jim... So, why didn't you?"

Jim blushed. "The day before we were suppose to go, I broke my leg playing football. I had to have surgery to set it. Noma came to the hospital and told me she was still leaving. I tried to convince her to stay until we could go together, but she refused."

"I knew I was pregnant and that my parents were going to make me get an abortion. My mother had already gotten us tickets on a flight to Mexico City. I couldn't tell Jamey I was going to have his baby because his father came in, so I decided to wait until we were going to be together. I cashed in the tickets and left. I was supposed to contact him in six months, but his father intercepted the message. I was in Cascade General at the time; I had just given birth to you."

"Then it's true? My name really is James Joseph Ellison Jr.?" Blair asked.

"Yes it is, Sweetie," Naomi answered.

Quickly she and Jim told Blair the entire story and that she knew about his senses. When they finished, Blair sat quietly for several minutes absorbing and processing everything he had just been told.

"You OK, Chief?" Jim asked gently.

Blair looked at him and nodded, then asked, "um... two questions."

"Just two?" Jim asked surprised.

Blair grinned. "To start with. First, Mom, what's your real name?"

Naomi smiled, "It's Naomi Witherspoon and no, I wasn't raised Jewish."

"Oh." Blair looked surprised.

"Jake Sandburg was our biology teacher. His wife's name was Blair. They were killed in a car accident two months before I left Cascade," Naomi explained.

"Really?" Blair looked impressed.

"Does that answer you questions, Baby?" Naomi asked relaxing.

"Just the one," Blair said, turning towards Jim. "You're really my father?"

Jim nodded.

"Cool," Blair replied brightly. A second later he sobered. "Does this mean I have to call you Dad?" he asked seriously, but with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Jim thought for a second then answered, "I would love it if you'd call me Dad, but I'll be happy with whatever you feel comfortable with. Although, maybe we should stick with Jim at the station, or at least when we're out on a case."

Blair's face lit up with a big smile.

"Cool. Thanks, Dad," Blair responded as he jumped up and hugged him.

His grin became impossibly bigger as he realized something. "Wait till Simon finds out..." his grin faded. "That is, if you want to tell him."

Jim smiled gently at his son. "I not only want to tell him, Chief, I want to shout it from the roof tops. My son is, not only a genius, a grad student working on his Ph.D., the world's leading authority on sentinels, he's also my Guide, he's my best friend and a damn good detective too. So, do you want to go to the Father's Day picnic over at the park tomorrow? Both of you?"

Blair's eyes grew big. "You really mean it?"

Jim nodded then added uncertainly. "That is if you want to let people know about us."

Blair grinned. "Just as much as you do, Dad."

"How about it Noma? Do you want to make this a family outing?" Jim asked hopefully.

"Please," Blair begged.

Naomi let the two of them squirm for a moment or two, then grinned. "Of course I do. What do we need to take? And when do we need to be there?"

Jim smiled in relief. "It starts at 11:00. They're providing the meat. We need to bring drinks and something for the buffet table. There's gonna be pies, cakes and ice cream, too."

"Hey Jim, I mean Dad. If you didn't know about me until earlier tonight, how come you know so much about the picnic?" Blair asked.

Jim grinned. "Since Andrea's birth a couple of months ago, Brown is now a father and finally eligible this year. He, Simon and Joel were discussing it over my desk the other day."

"Sounds like fate," Blair decided.

"He's right, Jamey, it does." Naomi nodded.

"It's getting late," Jim observed.

Blair headed for the stairs. "Just give me a couple of minutes and I'll be out of your way, Mom."

"Or, she could sleep up here with me. There's plenty of room," Jim suggested.

"Jim! She's my mom!" Blair complained.

"And I'm your Dad. 'Sides, it's been a long time," Jim countered.

"But, like you said, it's getting late," Blair argued.

"Hold it you two," Naomi interjected. "Jamey." She kissed him. "I'm going to sleep in Blair's room tonight, sorry." She rose and hugged Blair. "But Sweetie, I do love your father and I am going to sleep with him before long."

Blair groaned and headed downstairs. "Every man she meets."

"Yea, but I was the first," Jim called after him, grinning.

The next morning, Jim woke up to find it was 9:45. Listening, he heard Naomi quietly working in the kitchen, but couldn't find Blair in the entire building. Pulling on his robe, he went downstairs to join Naomi.

"Good morning," he said, pulling her into a hug.

"Good morning yourself, sleepyhead," she replied as they kissed.

"Where's Blair?" he asked as he nuzzled her neck.

"He said he had to go out. He should be back anytime now. He thought we should leave about 10:30 or so," Naomi told him.

"So we've got the place to ourselves, huh?" Jim asked with a devilish grin in his eyes and on his lips.

Naomi matched his grin. "Oh? And just what did you have in mind?"

Jim kissed her. "Well, I do have to get a shower before we go..."

"I could... wash your back for you," Naomi suggested.

"You better make that a cold shower, man. We don't have the time for you two to get it on," Blair said from the front door.

Jim groaned, then grinned. "Kids sure know how to screw up the moment, don't they?"

Naomi grinned.

Blair laughed and said. "Remember Christine?"

Jim shook his head in defeat and headed for the bathroom alone.

Naomi went back to what she was working on and asked, "Who's Christine?"

Blair grinned as he took a sample of the dish. "She was a romantic evening Jim put the final finish on." His grin turned sheepish, "Of course the case we were working on had done a pretty good job of screwing it up already by the time he came in."

"Are you OK?" Naomi asked concerned.

"Yea." Blair brightened. "That whole case just gets to me every so often."

"Did you get what you were after?" Naomi asked, her voice dropping as they heard the shower go on.

Blair nodded. "Yea. There's a shop just down the street where I got them done. I hope he likes 'em."

Naomi hugged him. "Of course he will, Sweetie."

They arrived at the park shortly after 11am, to find the picnic in full swing.

As they got out of Naomi's car, Blair handed Jim a shirt box and nervously said. "Happy Father's Day, Dad. I wanted to give these to you now. I thought maybe we could wear them... but I understand if you're not ready."

Jim looked slightly confused. "Thanks, Chief." He opened the box and pulled out two t-shirts in his and Blair's sizes, with stylized lettering on them. His shirt read

While Blair's read

Jim felt his eyes mist up and a lump grow in his throat. "I'd love for us to wear these today," and hugged his son.

Blair closed his eyes and sighed in relief. "Good."

Naomi smiled proudly and said, "If you're going to wear those shirts today, you'd better put them on."

They laughed as the pulled apart and quickly changed into the t-shirts.

As the three of them headed into the park, Simon, Henry and Joel, who were sharing a couple of tables with their families, spotted them.

"Look who's coming this way guys," Joel said, having spotted them first.

"I thought Jim understood this was a Father's Day picnic?" Simon said perplexed.

Henry shrugged. "Maybe they figure Blair's mom counted since she did both jobs while Hairboy was growing up."

Simon shook his head. "I don't know."

"Hey Guys," Blair greeted them as they walked up.

"Out for a Sunday Drive?" Simon asked.

"No," Blair answered happily. "We're here for the picnic."

"There's a couple of requirements for it though," Henry told them.

"Yea, we know," Blair answered. "A Father and at least one of his offspring. Right?"

"That's right," Simon said warily. "I'm sorry Ms. Sandburg, but you don't qualify."

Naomi smiled. "That's alright. I wasn't trying to."

"Ok." Simon looked suspicious. "What's going on here?"

Jim looked at him seriously. "I thought you should know Simon, Blair lied on his personnel paperwork back at the station. I just found out last night."

"Oh?" Simon glared at Blair, who grinned widely back at him and shrugged.

"Hey, don't look at me. I just found out last night, too."

"Does this got anything to do with the t-shirts you two are wearing?" Daryl Banks asked.

"T-shirts?" Simon asked, then read them. "Oh no. This isn't happening," Simon said, sinking down onto the picnic table bench.

"Yes it is, Simon," Jim confirmed. "Blair is our son. Noma lived next door to me growing up and we fell in love."

Simon looked at him. "You're serious. You're the kid's biological father?"

Jim nodded, smiled widely. "My son, the genius."

"Daaaddd..." Blair whined in embarrassment, causing everyone to laugh.

As they settled down and several other police personnel joined them, Jim, Naomi and Blair explained everything to them.

Afterwards, (and for the rest of the day) everyone had a wonderful time. Jim and Blair won the three-legged race, after Henry and Andrea were disqualified because the two-month old baby didn't run or have her leg tied to her daddy's.

With Blair's pitching, the Kids beat the Dads at softball, but the Dads won the tug-o-war.

That night, back at the loft, Naomi informed them that she was still going on her retreat. She did promise to come back soon. Both Jim and Blair realized that she wasn't ready to change her lifestyle and stay in one place yet.

Over the next several days, Jim and Blair had to explain, (with great delight) everything several times to different people and had to endure a lot of teasing, but did so good-naturedly, happy with the turn their relationship had taken.


Author's note: Ok, I told you I'd give you the name of the series at the end of the story. It's the Father's Day Series. I have five or six other stories written in this universe, as I said before they're a mix of missing scenes/alternate endings and original stories. Now all I have to do is get them typed into the computer.

Debra Baschal

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