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Debra Baschal

Jim smiled in satisfaction as Gwen was reunited with her parents and happily left with them.

Focusing back on Charlie, he had to admit that there might be something to all that psychic bunk he spouted.

But what kind of 'psychic' couldn't pick up on the 'vibes' he and Naomi threw at each other every time they were in the room together? Though most people would say it was sexual tension, he also wasn't picking up on the territorial vibes Jim was sending his way.

Charlie was so hyped up on this case and his career that he hadn't even picked up on the fact that Jim was Blair's father or that he and Naomi were still very close, even if they hadn't gotten back together... yet.

In fact, Jim felt like punching the little prick who was suddenly hugging him.

Catching his son's eye, he let him in on the fact that, even with his arms trapped, he was ready to kill Spring if he didn't get out of Jim's sight soon.

Blair grinned at his mother with a nod as they both moved over to join them. He knew Charlie didn't deserve the rescue, but he also knew his father didn't need to go to jail for assault or murder. His eyes narrowed as Charlie finally released Jim and moved to embrace Naomi.

Grabbing Charlie's arm he started steering him towards the hallway.

"We need to have a talk, Charlie." He informed the shorter man.

"But I was just about to..."

"Don't push your luck Spring. You're still in it deep with me." Blair interrupted in a hard voice.

Charlie had the grace to look ashamed of himself. H and Rafe joined them as they entered one of the interrogation rooms.

"Is he going to be alright?" Naomi asked as she and Jim hugged.

"I don't know. Ya see, Charlie broke Blair's number one rule. He hurt his mother. Nobody gets away with that, not even me." Jim explained.

Naomi grinned. "And what if someone tries to hurt his father?"

"Ahh, well. His father was in the Rangers and is an armed detective who can take care of himself."

"Blair reacts the same way." Naomi translated, causing Jim to laugh and agree.

"Charlie, you need to bow out and leave gracefully, now," Blair stated firmly as he leaned over the psychic, who was seated at the table. H had positioned himself near the exit at a ninety-degree angle to the psychic, while Rafe leaned against the opposite wall where he could watch what was happening.

"But you solved the case, with my help I might add." Charlie protested, with pride.

"Maybe, but you were also the leak to the media. You endangered Gwen trying to get a little free publicity." Blair explained tersely. "You screwed up so bad that your gift went off line. Yeah it came back in time to lead us to the other set of kidnappers, but you still have a lot of work to do on your priorities and attitude before you'll be able to trust your gift again. You also hurt my mom."

"You said that before." Charlie interrupted him. "I realize that you don't like that. I apologized already, to both of you."

"You're only sorry you got caught." Rafe growled in disgust.

"You say that because YOU don't believe." Charlie stated smugly as if it explained away Rafe's statement.

"Some psychic you are. My grandmother, my sister and cousin all have 'gifts'. I believe, just not in you. You seem more interested in profit than in helping others. And it's the ones like you, out to exploit their gifts that make it hard on the ones who refuse to take money for the use of their God given talents, no matter how much they could use it." Rafe tried his best not to scream.

"Charlie, you need to go and get yourself straightened out or your gifts could leave forever." Blair stated calmly.

"Fine." Charlie realized that he had blown it big time with the men in front of him. "I'll just go collect Naomi and we'll be out of your hair."

"Wrong. My mother isn't going anywhere with you."

"Well, we'll just have to see what Naomi has to say about that."

Charlie's cocky attitude had Blair ready to hit him.

"She's the one who said she wants you gone." Blair explained.

"What about Ellison? Even he admits that I have a real gift." Charlie boasted.

"No, he said that you seem to have a gift, and he wants you gone too." Blair clarified.

"I'm not leaving Naomi with that guy. He's interested in her as a hell of a lot more than just as your mother." Charlie tried again.

Blair laughed lightly.

"I sure the hell HOPE my father is interested in my mother as more than just as my mother." He said sarcastically.

"So what happened between them?" Charlie asked trying to cover his shock.

"You're the psychic, you figure it out." H threw at him.

"I want you out by tonight." Blair ordered.

"Of your place?"

"Of Cascade"

"You can't do that."

"Yes I can, unless you want me to create my own leak about who was our press-leak."

"But that would destroy my creditability. I'd never be able to work with another police department again." Charlie complained.

"You should've thought of that before you made sure you were never working with this one, again." Simon Banks stated as he entered the room. He nodded to the others in the room then continued. "Word just came down from the Brass and IA. Mr. Spring is persona non-grata with the Cascade PD. You are also, politely, requested to leave town before obstruction charges are filed against you. In other words, you cause a stink, and so will we." Simon growled into Charlie's face.

Charlie nodded his head sadly. "Since that's the way you feel about it, I understand. I'll just go get my things and be on my way."

"Ms Sandburg packed your bags, they're in my office. I have someone ready to escort you to the plane, train or bus of your choice." Simon informed him.

"I suppose they'll keep me company until I leave."

"Those are the orders from the top. Oh, and don't try to use us in one of your books or as a reference. You won't like what the Department has to say about you." Simon confirmed.

"Then I guess I'd better be going." Charlie said trying, but not succeeding, in pulling off, a martyred act. At the glares from the men in the room he abandoned the facade and quickly left the room.

Simon nodded to H, Rafe and Blair as they followed Charlie from the room.

In the hallway Spring tried to approach Naomi and Jim, but both turned and ignored him. Finally getting the point, Charlie joined the two uniformed officers who were waiting by the elevator with his luggage.

Within a week, Naomi had left for a retreat to sort her feelings out, both about what had happened with Charlie and the other things that had happened in the last few months.

Though sad to see her leave, both Jim and Blair understood that she needed time to process.

The End

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