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Warnings - General This series covers the subject of child abuse -- both physical and sexual. While a lot of it is 'off screen' and depicted as part of the past storyline, there are sections in these stories which do describe it more graphically.

Warnings - The Test: As always with this series, this story covers the subject of child abuse - both physical and sexual -- but this time I've also written about subjects such as incest, pedophilia and the OC's characters in this story are involved in a m/m relationship. While a lot of it is 'off screen' and depicted as part of the series history, there are some scenes in this story that are more graphic than what I have written in the past.

Authors Notes - The Test: This story is dark in sections, but I felt in order to stay try true to the nature of the characters there were just some issues I couldn't skirt around. But as with all my stories, the endings do offer healing and hope. If you have any doubt at all at being able to handle the issues described above, I ask you to think carefully before reading.

There are also lines quoted in this story from the wonderful children's book. "Where the Wild Things Are," by Maurice Sendak. An online version of this book can be found here:


The Test was written for Gerri as part of the Moonridge auction. I sincerely thank you for your support and your encouragement while I was writing this story.

Thank you: My sincere, heartfelt thanks to my two wonderful beta's on this series. Thank you to Bobbie for helping me get these stories off the ground and pushing me along. You are not only a fantastic motivator, but a wonderful beta as well. Also to StarWatcher who does an equally wonderful job and is always there when I need her expertise and friendship -- I couldn't survive without your amazing beta skills. And lastly, thank you to Arianna for your comments and critique along the way.

Wolfpup's Den Thank you as always to Tonya for giving my stories a home.

A Part Of Me 99.9K A Sentinel's life is changed forever with the unexpected arrival of his Guide. 05/10/03
For Better Or Worse 76.7K Jim and Blair face the trials and tribulations of learning to live together. 05/10/03
When A Child Is Lost 137.9K When Blair is stolen many lives are changed for ever in the quest to return him home.07/10/03
Picking Up The Pieces 173.9K Jim, Blair and Lucas must face up to the demons of their past before they can move forward with their lives.10/23/03
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 213.9K As Jim, Blair and Lucas prepare for the holiday season it becomes apparent that Christmas just might not be the happiest time of the year. Can Jim chase away the ghosts of Christmas past before the big day arrives. 09/15/04
The Test 275.8K When Max and Robert Wilder return, Jim, Blair and Lucas must bond together as the family they have become in order to survive. PLEASE READ WARNINGS!03/01/08
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