The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Sentinel Holiday Trilogy SERIESStories based on songs from The Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD's and that take place early in Jim and Blair's relationship. Multiple Dates
The Gift 10.9KA "Remembrance" missing scene. Rated G 07/26/03
The Last Domino 14.4K A "TSbyBS" missing scene and fill-in scene. PG-13. 07/26/03
Thanks, Chief 25.0KA themefic for Mackie on the SA list. An exhausted Jim. PG-13. 07/26/03
A Soldier In The Rain 177.5KA story brimming with angst. (Not military related.) Story broken into 2 parts PG-13 07/26/03
The Thirteenth Victim 273.2KA serial killer arrives in Cascade with an FBI agent hot on his trail. Rated R. Story broken into 2 parts 07/26/03
The Sounds Of Silence 129.9KA "Blind Man's Bluff" type story with a different sense (gee, guess which one?). A themefic for Toni on the SA list. Rated PG-13. 07/26/03
Blair's Choice 176.0K
Winner of SentinelAngst Creative Endeavor Contest and Burton winner for Outstanding Angst Story
Jim races against time and an old enemy to save Blair's life. Story broken into 2 parts 07/26/03
Four Play 336.2KWhen Jim and Blair participate in a charity golf tournament, stuff happens and secrets are revealed. Rated PG-13 for language. Story broken into 2 parts 07/26/03
Lookin' For Eight 98.8K
Burton Award - Smarm Story
Jim and Blair meet in another place under much different circumstances. Blair is recuperating from a serious injury at his uncle and aunt's in Texas. Jim is visiting a rancher friend near Amarillo and trying to hold onto his sanity after barely catching the Switchman. Rated PG. AU Story. 07/26/03
To Err Is Human 54.7KSet early in Jim and Blair's acquaintance, this story is about an incident which makes Jim question whether he needs the flighty and seemingly irresponsible grad student. Rated PG for language. 07/26/03
The Road Series SERIES An AU series in which Jim and Blair didn't meet in the "Switchman". Instead, Jim blames himself for the death of those killed on the bus and leaves Cascade, yet Fate still finds a way to bring a certain long-haired graduate student into his life. Multiple Dates
Heard, Not Regarded 148K When Jim loses his guide and best friend, he has to face some harsh truths. Takes place three months after S2P2. Angst. Rated PG. Story broken into 2 parts 09/15/04
Jim's Way 9.8K A little snippet written for the Sentinelangst list as a thank you for their warm welcome back. 01/30/06
Time Gate Series SERIES In a future world where guides are owned by sentinels, the small but fierce Freedom group is fighting the Confederate for equality. Their plan is to send a sentinel and guide team back in time to change the outcome of the war. An AU series inspired by the old Time Tunnel television show. Just as each episode ended in a cliffhanger, so will each of these stories. 01/30/06