Wolfpup really likes this picture!!!

Gee, I hope everyone said good things.

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This is a great site for the Sentinel. You've done an awesome job here, and keep up the good work!

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I absolutely love your website. It is among one of the most varied in authors that I have seen! Keep up the good work.

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Thank you so much for creating this website! I am new to the "Sentinel universe" and am glad for any guidance...

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When are they coming to the uk.

Mavis kerr - 08/27/00 17:52:21
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I love your site and I love reading all the stories that are hosted here. Thanks for keeping this site going strong.

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I just found your website and it is the best one i've seen on the net . I t has everything a sentinel fan needs. keep up the good work!

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This site has become one of my favourite bookmarks and I absolutely adore the TS fanfic, especially the incomparable Lois, Paula, Sandra, PB, Shallan, Agnes, and I just finished reading Pt 3 of Rivanna's "Footpaths" series... Arrgh! Please, Rivanna, don't leave us hanging too long!

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I would like to know where I can read more stories! pretty pleeeeeezzzza, iolausian-grl.

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Just got on the internet. Been waiting a long time to get to some Sentinel stuff.

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Love the page, love the pics, love the fanfic. Great job. Hope to see more of our two favorite men.

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Love the page and love the fanfic!

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I really liked your page.Although I can't find the last episode,when the women tries to drown Blair and it ends when jim does CPR on him.It said it was continued,but that was the last episode.Can you help?

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Hi! I'm new to both the internet in general and "The Sentinel" in particular. Although I only know some of the episodes up to now I've already become addicted to this great TV show! I'm always happy to get in touch with other fans of the show...

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Wow! Great Page! Love all the stories! Keep it up!

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I like your page is basically it expicially the fan-fiction :)

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Hm.... waaaaaaay cool sight. it's one of the first ones that I bookmarked.. And considering I only bookmark the ones I think rock that's sayin' alot.

seabreez - 11/22/99 02:40:00
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Favorite TS episode: all of them
Saw your message about being interested in Hardcastle and McCormick zines. I used to have some of the zine but I think I sold them all. Loved the show, kept the episodes on tape. One thing I did keep was my own episode guide of when they aired with the tv guide blurbs and titles and pics of the guys. They were both so cute together.

Susan D-K - 11/18/99 19:37:46
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WOW, I just found Wolfpups site and it has blown me away. I LOVE your stories. I have been reading them like a mad person, hoping more will appear as I finish each one. Keep up the good work, can't wait to read about Blair and Jim.

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It's a wonderful site you've created. I enjoy reading the stories. I look often for updates.

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Great page! I think I have read every piece of fic here at LEAST once! I check back every few days just to see if you have anything new up! Thanks for all the great stories!! Yours was the first archive I found.

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Hi I love your page! Thanks to you an your writers for all the great stories. I only hope, that the "coming soons" are realley coming soon! Thanks

Deb - 09/07/99 23:58:13
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I should be angry. It was this website that got me hooked on fan fiction! The majority of the authors on this site write truely great stories - some far better then the ones they put on television. If they had hired the writers from Wolfpups Den to wri e for The Sentinel, it might still be on the air (sorry I didn't have a very high opinion of the short 4th season). Keep writing the great stories and I promise to keep reading them.

Jenny - 09/07/99 11:24:52
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I really love your pages. I attempted to sign in earlier this year but I don't think it ever went through. You have an amazing collection of stories and links. I always start my fanfic searches at your page. THANKS

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Thanks for the great page. It's so nice to have so many fav's in one stop like this. Thanks for Black Panther Prod. Having the theme song to listen to is great just by itself (g)! Thanks again.

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This is soooo great. I love this show. Come and visit my website for Star Wars lovers (it's still under construction!)

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Love your Senfic. I visit often and even re-read many of the stories. Keep up the good work.

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Amazingly enough, I became a fan of TS through some of the crossover fan-fic I started reading (TAE's Equalizer/TS stories). So, I haven't actually seen a lot of the actual episodes (yet!). Anyway, I've been lurking for some time now, and just wanted to say I think you've done a great job! And I really like the new fan-fic pages with the lengths and summaries. Keep up the good work!!

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I absolutely love The Sentinel and am extremely distressed about it not being back on tv here in Aus yet. I love your page too. Especially TAE! Keep up the good work!

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Keep up with the stories there will never bbe enough

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Wolfie, I've been ducking in here and reading the TS FanFic for about a month now, and am just about through it all {don't hate me because I read fast}. I just wanted to say that you've done a fantastic job of maintaining your page and getting those upda es in. Oh, by the way, your page and all the wonderful writers here have inspired me....yeap, am writing my first TS FanFic! I only hope I can keep my muses contained...they're already banging me on the head with another story idea, and I'm only about h lfway through the first one! Keep up the good work! Sue

BJ - 11/11/98 22:10:44
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Great Page! :-)

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I love the show for the obvious reasons. Two great looking guys and the friendship factor. Keep up the excellent writing that's on this site.

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Wolfie, What a great page and what a great place to go for fine TS fanfic. You do an excellent and much appreciated job as the maintainer of this site. As one of the original archives, Wolfpup's Den will always be one of the best!

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I love your pages, I don't know how many times I was here. Always searching (and finding) great fanfic. I hope you'll keep on doing your great work by giving space for so many wonderful writers. And the links for wolves a great. Thanks CU Rike

Lory - 09/07/98 20:26:32
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Well... what can I say after reading all those goog comments? (Well... couldn't read all of them but you know what I mean). All I can "add" is- That's a hell of a site, man! (PS- loved the "ARKADAS" sections!!!)

Jerri - 09/07/98 02:36:43
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I just found this great show and have had such fun checking out websites devoted to it.

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i like "the sntinel" so i want here back

Lynn - 08/02/98 17:55:06
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Hey wolfpup? Really cool page! I was wondering, could I borrow a poem from one of the arkadas pages?? Please?

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One of the most interesting page in the Sentinel fandom. You fave fabulous stories posted here, hilarious quotes, many links and the arkadas. Thanks Wolfie for this wonderful website !

jamie ritchey - 07/18/98 18:15:57
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Favorite TS episode: spare parts

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Keep going you know there are a lot people out there who really love your page (I'm just one of them). I hope that we get the chance to meet again.

Ronnee Wise - 07/12/98 16:38:17
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Thank you on a wonderful fanfic page. I love your wallpaper. Cool links to wolves. Great art!

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This is a great page. It has the best fanfic. I am like totally obsessed with The Sentinel especially Blair. I can't wait to see next season. I'm so glad we saved the show.

Becky - 06/30/98 16:13:34
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Great page! Wonderful fic by lots and lots of excellent authors! I love the Arkadas pages -- very appropriate quotes for the boys. Good work.

Jean Combs - 06/11/98 04:02:17
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I'm Spacecloud's mother.

Jean Combs - 06/11/98 03:59:02
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I'm Spacecloud's mother.

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Favorite TS episode: All of them. True fan
I love your page, it is great. thank you for sharing this wonderful page. loved the whole thing. Patt

Amy Rehdorf - 06/10/98 15:48:48
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Country/State: Clawson, MI
I sure love this show. I am sending out SOS letters. I can't believe that "The Sentinel" might not be renewed. It's so maddening to finally find a show you love and now it's in jeoperody.

Cathryn - 06/05/98 07:37:24
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TS rocks! Don't let it (and Blair) die!

Sonja - 06/02/98 21:11:02
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Favorite TS episode: I love them all
I am sooooo addicted to the sentinel! This page rocks! The stories are great. Keep up all the great writing and to you who know me, keep sending me stories. =) Love you all. Sojo aka creative genius- don't ask!

LIsa - 06/02/98 21:05:16
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Favorite TS episode: Every single one!!!

Elm - 05/25/98 14:38:27
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Actually,I never watched the show. But I really love those fanfics.And I think this page is great.It has so many cool pictures. I cannot explain my feelings well with my poor English writing skill.

Kathy - 05/23/98 00:42:29
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Favorite TS episode: All of them, Well most
I LOVE your site!!! It is one of my favorite places to visit. All of the writers are wonderful. Please keep up the good work. I really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into making up such wonderful stories. (Talented I'm DEFINITELY not but I s re do love all the stories on this site).

Lori Woodruff - 05/14/98 03:54:06
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Favorite TS episode: Survival, Cypher, BMB
I really enjoy the show but I especially like Blair. The chemistry between the 2 men is wonderful.

Melanie - 05/11/98 02:09:40
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Country/State: Germany
Favorite TS episode: So far - The Rig
Unfortunately I've only seen four episodes - I actually got hooked on Fan Fic before I ever saw the show - but I definetely love it! If there's anybody out there who taped the episodes (all of them or just a few, doesn't matter, it's more than I have now I'd be very grateful to know!

- 05/03/98 02:47:00

Suzie - 04/30/98 18:03:39
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Favorite TS episode: Crossroads (at the moment)
Great page. Thanks for all your hard work. I know it's a labor of love. I just wanted to say that I can't believe how rude some people can be. I agree totally with the little 'rant' you put on your page. Hey, if ya don't like it - don't read it! It's as s mple as that!

shelley smith - 04/24/98 11:56:48
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Favorite TS episode: Cypher
I love your Sentinel Page. Especially Sharon's stories. I wanted to leave an email so that you would know that I totally love all her stories. Could you let her know. I look at your address every time I sign on the web. Take care, Shelley

fizzbin - 04/21/98 04:10:17
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Favorite TS episode: Cypher, Blind Man's Bluff, The Rig
I absolutely love your page! This is one of the first places that I come to look for new fanfiction because I am mildly obsessed with The Sentinel. (OK I am really obsessed). I also love all of the quotes. They are terriffic!

Gen X - 04/11/98 18:58:09
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Favorite TS episode: Um.. Any of the 25 i have on tape. (Yep, I'm obsessed)
I love this site, I love this site. Well, I must admit I come for the fan fiction. Started watching second season and still watching. I've finally decided that I like Blair better with his hair down! Basically, I've memorized my taped episodes and fou d this little diversion called fan fiction that keeps me occupied the rest of the week and then some. I'm currently on a quest to read all the fan fiction on your page. Motivate those authors I read toooo fast they need to write faster (j/k, it takes a ong time to write) So basically keep up the good job!

Lisa - 04/09/98 22:39:53
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Favorite TS episode: Cypher
Just love you site!!!! It is one of the first places I hit when I need a Sentinel fix. You are all wonderful writers and I enjoy the pictures too. Keep up the great work people!! A captured fan, Lisa from Wisconsin

Highland-fling - 04/09/98 19:16:24
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WONDERFUL PAGE!!!! I love your page and all the great pics. Great job, and keep up the good work.

Lisa Jacy - 04/08/98 14:07:42
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Favorite TS episode: Remembrance/Survival/Siege plus many, many more!
This is such a cool page man! Love the main photo, nice clarity of the two! Great job here and will come back again and again! Became a TS fan since beginning of 3rd Season and thanks to many fans, I've finally caught up on 1st and 2nd seasons! This i the best fandom I've seen in years!! A real Ellison fan here!!

Sama T. aka Personality One - 04/06/98 23:25:53
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I really enjoy your website and it's fanfic archive. There is a lot of great stuff here!

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Awesome page. Gotta love all the fiction. ;)

Mia Templer - 03/31/98 13:03:28
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Favorite TS episode: Every one!!!!!!!!!!!
Awsome site. I love reading all the fan fiction.

Calsun - 03/29/98 22:33:24
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Favorite TS episode: Dead Drop/Cypher
Love Your Page SSSSSOOOOOO..... Who Else Thinks Blair is RRREEEAAALLLYYY Cute?

Shadow - 03/29/98 04:27:36
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Favorite TS episode: Warriors
Cool beans!!

bobby joe - 03/27/98 23:55:47
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Favorite TS episode: The one with Blair in it
I like the page, keep it ip.

Taleya - 03/24/98 09:41:40
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Favorite TS episode: 'Cypher'
TAE, TAE, TAE I Looooove your work! Keep it up. Taleya

Michele Taylor - 03/20/98 11:17:08
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Favorite TS episode: Flight/Survival
Hope I'm doing this right...first day with my OWN PC!!!! Admit I'm a greenie/rookie whatever I'll learn I'm sure...! I just LOVE this show...what else can I say? Oh yeah.... love Garett!

anna-banana - 03/17/98 19:30:47
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Favorite TS episode: golden & blind mans bluf
Wolfpup, I totally love your page since I dicovered it yesterday at around 7 or 8 pmish. Since then I have pulled an all nighter to read and save all of the stories I could. I love both of Storms storied and the one by Sharon are some the best ones! Your page kicks ass totally! Keep up the good work! LUCK, LAUGHTER & LOVE

elaine - 03/13/98 15:23:22
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Favorite TS episode: Warrior

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Favorite TS episode: Any ep. with Blair (in other words all of 'em)
I love your page and I visit it on a daily basis, I just realized that there was a guestbook to sign silly me,(I rarely scroll past the Arkadas section ) Keep up the Arkadas pages, I love 'em, they make a great pick-me-up!

Teresa Buckley - 02/19/98 18:54:28
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Favorite TS episode: They look so good wet. So I'll have to say any episode with rain!
Great Site! Quotes, Arkadas, Fanfic, Links and More!! What else could a fan ask for? To Wolfpup and all those fanfic readers out there: Thank You! We writers love to hear from you. Keep writing to us, and we'll keep writing for you.

Etznab - 01/28/98 19:09:16
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Favorite TS episode: Golden

Erin Fry - 01/27/98 14:47:26
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Favorite TS episode: I have to choose?!
Your page is very cool. I am proud that I could contribute to your quotes page and hope to contribute a little more.

Rowena M. Floresca - 01/06/98 04:56:10
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Country/State: Philippines
Favorite TS episode: All
Hi guys! Just want you to know that I'm an avid fan of THE SENTINEL here in the Philippines. It's really cool and I like the team up of Jim and Richard.

Winnie Travers - 01/05/98 19:51:27
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Country/State: delaware
Favorite TS episode: any with the corvair!
Excellent site. I love the graphix, and the existentialist quotations. What? Nothing from Sun Tzu? Jim would be very disappointed... I've bookmarked this site and will come back frequently...

Ellenore - 01/04/98 04:14:10
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Favorite TS episode: "Warriors"
Thank you for continuing yourwonderful fan fiction page! I always look forward to the updates!:) Ellenore

jeannie - 01/03/98 17:40:34
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Country/State: sc
Favorite TS episode: all of them
I think everyone who writes these stories are doing a great job. I check in everyday for new stories to read. Tell sharon thank you for not taking your stories off this page. They are real good. I seem to like the h/c in everyone stories. so keep them coming. jeannie

Robert - 12/12/97 11:05:47
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Hi Wolfie, *tacklecuddlesnuggle* thought i would take a peek. be good or at least be careful.

Rachel - 12/03/97 09:39:21
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Favorite TS episode: Cypher
Hi Wolfpup. Been dropping in now and then for ages. Thought I should take time to let you know how much I enjoy your pages. Fan fiction is great, pikkies are even greater. Asolutely love Arkadas. And no, I am not sick of 'em yet. Please keep them co ing. Thanks for all your great work, it really is appreciated.

Marlou - 11/16/97 01:24:32
My Email:villeja@montrealnet.ca
Country/State: Quebec-Canada
Favorite TS episode: Blind Man's Bluff - Dead Drop
Hey Wolfie! Great page!! I always check to see any updates, and I *love* the Arkadas pages! Keep going! Marlou :-)

Sue - 10/15/97 21:30:00
My Email:bsjspicher@monad.net
Country/State: New Hampshire, USA
My fav. eps: Cypher, Survival. I enjoy coming to your webpage, because there is always something new to look at and to read. Its the best place to find new FanFics too! Keep up the good work! :)

Emma - 10/13/97 14:08:16
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what a fine page! I notised that fiction in your page is slightly different than elsewhere. there are not yet so many to choose from, though. keep up the good work!

Kate - 09/30/97 23:54:13
Country/State: OR USA
Favorite TS episode: Dead Drop and Girl next Door(IRIS YOU CREEP!)
My big dream, besides getting Garett to make a personal appearnce at my twentieth birthday party next March, is to get my own e-mail connection up and submitting some of my own fanfic....

Erin Carrington - 09/24/97 15:31:44
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Favorite TS episode: Warriors
I'm rather new to the Sentinel so call me the newly addicted! :) I loved your web site and will visit often to check out the latest! Excellent job! Love Always, Erin

Melrae - 09/24/97 14:58:47
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Favorite TS episode: Warriors
I love the page. Keep up the good work.

Kate - 09/24/97 01:46:34
Favorite TS episode: Girl Next Door

Monte Cristo - 09/23/97 22:37:37
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Country/State: Oregon
Favorite TS episode: aw, come on, just one?
Love the show, love your page. Need I say more?

AmyJane - 09/23/97 17:06:45
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Country/State: USA, AL
Favorite TS episode: haven't seen them all yet
Great page Wolfpup! It's one of my first stops after I log on everyday. Keep up the great work! Especially love the Arkadas.

paula - 09/22/97 20:11:27
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Country/State: Canada
Favorite TS episode: too soon to tell ; )
Hey Wolfpup! I've been here so often I'm surprised my computer doesn't automatically load it when I log on! Thought it was time to officially say what a great webpage I think this is. A great place for a Sentinel newcomer to visit...and visit...and visit.. paula

Kelly - 09/21/97 01:21:24
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Favorite TS episode: Spare Parts
A fun show with cute guys. I really enjoy the characters interaction.

Signe - 09/20/97 14:23:38
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Favorite TS episode: How could there be ony one? ;)
Hiya! Great page Wolfpup! Very impressive, and one of my favourite places to stop.. The fanfic you're housing is great, and I love the Arkadas! Thanks =)

Lee Ann Wagner - 09/20/97 03:18:51
My Email:lawagner@mindspring.com
Country/State: N.C., USA
Favorite TS episode: have only seen two
I am brand new to the Sentinel universe. The 3rd. season premire was the first episode I have ever seen. But I must say I am enjoying the fan fic. I like this website a lot.

Marsha Nall - 09/20/97 00:41:42
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Country/State: USA/FL
Favorite TS episode: Too many to pick from
Very cool page. Love the stories and the Arkadas. Can't wait to read more.

gkhilton - 09/17/97 01:36:24
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Country/State: USA/PA.
Favorite TS episode: too many
Great page Have in my bookmarks and visit every day or so. The fanfic serials are driving me crazy though. Can't ever wait for the next episodes. Love all of it !! Keep it up!

J. Carter - 09/11/97 06:53:59
My Email:432carter@emj.emjmetals.com
Country/State: usa/tx
All of your stories are GREAT. It is too hard to choose one (1) over the others. Can not wait to see the next addition.

Georgia - 09/10/97 20:00:26
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Country/State: California
Favorite TS episode: don't know the names
Wow, was I ever glad to find your page. I knew there must be lots of Sentinel stuff on the web but I wsa really having trouble finding it - that is till I found your page. Thanks for all the links, it makes a new fans life sooo much easier. You are now on of my "favorite" spots.

crivit - 09/10/97 03:32:02
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Country/State: ky
Favorite TS episode: I'm not obsessed enough to know the ep titles
Great page. Lots of cool pictures. Awesome background. You already know I like it. Now quit bugging me to sign the book. :)

Paula - 09/03/97 16:48:59
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Country/State: Ohio
Favorite TS episode: I can only pick one??!!!
Love your page...this is a regular stopping point when I get a chance to do the "Sentinel" tour. The Arkadas are great...really makes you think about friendship and what it means. Keep up the super work.

ZeoRanger6 - 09/02/97 05:34:08
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Favorite TS episode: tied between BMB, Pennies From Heaven and Rogue
I really liked your page particularly Arkadas. Quite a wonderful and interesting idea.You have a good page housing good fanfic as well. Congratulations and keep up the good work :-)

Gabby Hirs - 08/29/97 22:02:12
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Favorite TS episode: Cypher
The Sentinel is my second favorite show to Psi Factor Chronicles of the Paranormal.

Caroline - 08/28/97 22:31:19
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