Cypher: Missing Scene 7.3K It bugs me everytime I watch "Cypher" that we missed the fight in the loft between Lash and Blair. So I wrote it. Hope you all like it. 03/23/01
Warm Fires Of Home 52.0K Blair gets kidnapped. Jim to the rescue. (Hey, who said it was original?) Lotsa angstand smarm. Almost enough to satisfy my daughter. Set sometime late in season 3 or season 4because Megan is mentioned. 04/02/01
Together 13.0K "Cypher" Missing Scene. 09/28/01
The Key 112.1K Blair wakes up in a hospital far from home with trauma-induced amnesia. He must rely on his dreams and the kindness of strangers to find out what happened to him. 10/06/01
Mr. Sandburg, No More 4.8K Missing scene from "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". Blair cleans out his office at Rainier and gets an unexpected visit. 11/02/01
One Week 30.0K Missing scene from "The Debt". How did Jim and Blair get from 'Just one week, man.' to Blair living with Jim permanently? 11/20/01
Forces Of Light And Dark 93.3K Jim and Blair meet under slightly different circumstances and this Universe is remotely weirder than usual. 03/10/02
Unforeseen Consequences 55.7K A sequel to 'Forces of Light and Dark'. Jim and Blair experience side-effects to the bond that they hadn't counted on. 08/05/02
Despair 18.0K A missing scene for "Sentinel Too, Part 2". 06/20/03
Resolute 96.6K Jim and Blair are finally settling into a working partnership with this 'Sentinel/Guide thing', when big trouble shows up. Barnes finally makes her move. 10/23/03
The Promise 48.8K A reclusive sentinel comes to the aid of a runaway Guide in trouble. AU. 12/14/03
Promises Fulfilled 19.6K Sequel to 'The Promise'. Newly bonded Sentinel and Guide run into trouble when Blair's past catches up with them. AU. 02/10/04
Antithesis 73.6K Something is very wrong with Jim, and Blair is in danger from him. Blair owies! 04/17/04
Exile 58.9KA 14-year old Blair is a rogue runaway empath in search of his true Sentinel. (Alternate Universe). 07/24/04
Escape From Exile 20.5K Blair settles in at the loft and Jim adjusts to taking care of his traumatized Guide. (Alternate Universe). 08/28/04
The Alley 2.4K A missing scene from 'Exile'. Blair has a close call. (Alternate Universe). 10/18/04
Delivered From Exile 19.2K The third installment of the 'Exile' series. Blair settles in and meets some of the MC gang. The mystery of the pizza is solved. (Alternate Universe). 11/04/04
Burden 46.3K Picks up after "Resolute". Blair has been rescued. He recovers, Jim worries and Simon sets them straight. 12/20/04
Sleepless In Cascade 6.2K A Missing Scene from 'Blind Man's Bluff'. Jim can't sleep. 02/16/05
Doors 6.5K Just a little introspective piece about... doors. Sort of a missing scene from 'Love and Guns'. 06/19/05