To Be Or Not To Be 59.3K After Blair collapses from exhaustion, Jim and Blair have a frank and open discussion about what they mean to each other and the directions in which their relationship is headed. 06/01/03
To Make A House A Home 18.5K Blair's effort to save a bunch of 'bugs' makes the guys realise the true meaning of a home. 07/10/03
The Game 90.2K When Jim, Blair and Simon are abandoned in the desert it will take all of Jim's skills to save his guide. 08/27/03
Home Sweet Home 16.3K
Burton Award - 'smarm story'
Jim considers home and what it means to him both past and present. 03/22/04
Runaway Train 120K
Burton Award - 'angst story'; LMFA - 'Case/Action'
Blair makes a decision that causes his relationship with Jim to speed out of control like a runaway train. Can the damage be repaired before they both crash and burn? 06/05/04
Soul Mate 25.2K When Jim is mugged by a drug-addicted teenager it's Blair who pays the price. 10/23/04
Brother Of Mine 70.4K After a phone call from Naomi, the ghosts of Blair's past rear their ugly heads. Jim takes it upon himself to lay them to rest. 01/04/05
The Guide 78.2K
LMFA - 'H/C' and 'Sentinel/Guide'
When Jim is struck down by a complication from a common vaccine, Blair realizes how little he knows about Sentinels, while Jim learns a whole lot more about Guides. Set not long after "The Debt". 03/06/05
Hopes Companion 19.7K After one of Blair's students takes his own life, Jim talks with Blair and they end up learning more about each other and the strength of their friendship. 07/04/05
Who Am I Now? 5.1K How do you fight for the life of a friend when the life you are fighting for no longer belongs to the man you once knew? 11/12/05
The Broken Road 134.7K Post 'His Brother's Keeper.' When Steven sets out to enlist his brother's help with a family problem he unknowingly starts a chain of events that leaves Blair's life hanging by a thread. 12/9/05
The Yellow Rose 130.9K When Ellison learns a few things about Sandburg's past, he can't seem to let them go. A missing scene from 'Survivor' that ended up turning into an epilogue as well. 04/05/06
Kaleidoscope Eyes 174.7K A week before Christmas, Blair comes home to recover from a car accident that nearly claimed his life. During his convalescence, a past that he thought he'd left behind comes back to haunt him and both men discover a new depth to their friendship. 08/07/06
A Simple Act Of Kindness 87.7K What could have happened if Jim had said "no" and left Blair outside of his warehouse during "The Debt". 01/11/08
A Part Of Me Series Series A Sentinel's life is changed forever with the unexpected arrival of his Guide. Multiple Dates
The Observer 25.6K When Jim is a little pre-occupied, Simon lends a helping hand. 08/23/08
Once A Medic 139.1K A visit to an old friend not only drags up memories for Jim, but leaves him fighting for Blair's life. 09/16/08
Black And White, And Shades Of Grey 7.6K A missing scene from "Cypher". Jim and Blair don't always see the world through the same eyes. 02/14/09
The Mysterious Case Of Hannibal And The Body Snatchers 16.0K Hallucinogens and head wounds are never a good thing, especially when Hannibal and the Body Snatchers are lurking nearby. 09/06/09
Time Is A Tale Teller -- Tale One: The Story Keeper 12.2K A flea-ridden motel at the ass end of the world, and Sandburg's just summed it up perfectly -- almost. 09/26/10