Active Observer 48.8K When a robbery goes wrong, it's up to Blair to prove his place as Jim's partner. 12/06/04
It's About Commitment 20.8K While waiting at the hospital, Jim reflects on the friendship he and Blair have built. 12/06/04
The One You Love 12.8K During a simple surgery, Jim contemplates the meaning of 'love'. 12/06/04
Survival Lessons 20.6K Epilogue to 'Survival'. 12/06/04
At Home 27.9K Sometimes independence can be highly overrated. Epilogue for 'Warriors'. 12/06/04
Us V. Them 17.5K After a lifetime of searching to be part of the 'us' category, Jim Ellison finally finds the perfect fit. 12/06/04
The Wall 19.7K Epilogue to 'Killers'. A trip to Washington D.C. gives Blair a closer look at iron-clad Jim Ellison. 12/06/04
For The Time, Being 32.7K As Jim keeps vigil over a critically injured Blair, Joel Taggart gets a closer look at a relationship with the ability to move mountains. 12/06/04
Occupation Hazards 25.5K After a conflict at work, Blair gets the chance to feel responsible for Jim's injuries for a change. 12/06/04
Reliance 29.1K Early in their relationship, Jim learns that a little reliance on someone else isn't necessarily a bad thing. 12/06/04
Job Description 32.2K As Blair tries to determine where he fits in, he finds the answer in a cranky Jim 12/06/04
When It Matters 36.4K One of the most important things a friend can do is to be there when it matters most. 12/06/04
Guideway 50.8K In order to protect Blair, Jim sacrifices himself by overloading his senses. 12/06/04
Room For Rent 45.3K Pride pushes Jim and Blair into a situation they both struggle to overcome. 12/06/04
The Draw 36.1K When Jim loses his senses, he and Blair struggle to find a reason to remain partners. 12/06/04
Bad Influence 50.6K Jim starts to doubt his place in Blairís life after Blair is injured one too many times. 01/08/06
The Outsider 21.5K A view of the partnership between Jim and Blair from an outside perspective. 01/08/06
Decyphering 24.4 After the Lash case, Jim and Blair visit the department shrink. 01/08/06
Floccinaucinililipilification 35.4K After visiting a particularly nasty crime scene, Blair starts to doubt Jimís concern for the victims encountered on the job. 01/08/06
Listen 54.0K After a trauma, sometimes finding someone who will listen and understand is the best way to start functioning again. 01/08/07
Still There 50.4K Blair's having trouble coping with Maya's absence and his partner's seeming indifference. 01/08/07
Watershed 33.7K True friendship can't survive when someone believes it's a oneway street. 01/11/08
As Many Chances As Needed 45.4K Trusting one's self is as important as being trusted. 01/11/08
Guidelines 26.8K If guides train sentinels, who trains the guides? 08/30/08
Just A Hunk Of Metal 50.8K What's a badge really worth? 08/30/08
Bright Lights, Loud City 32.3K Returning to the city after Peru isn't easy on a sentinel's senses. 08/30/08