A Sense Of The Past 24.5K Blair gets into trouble planning an exhibit of Pre-Columbian artifacts, and Jim uses his senses in a new way to help him. 05/21/99
Curupira 88.8K There's something frightening in the forest near Cascade, something that may have come from Peru. 05/25/99
Skating On Lake Balaton 18.3K Jim helps Blair with a slippery problem. 11/02/99
Cherry Pie 6.8K A thank you would be nice. 01/12/00
Springtime In Cascade 7.4KThe guys have a job to do, but Blair feels a little sluggish. 10/29/00
Soft Kill LINKED Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 515 02/25/99
Blind Enough To See 3.7K Missing scene for 'Blind Man's Bluff'.09/28/01
A Boy's Life 14.4K Not everything was groovy in 1973.10/06/01