Sentries In The Other Orders 11.5K The guys encounter their four-legged counterparts... maybe. If you like cute, fluffy-wuffy kitty stories, don't read this. 09/20/02
New Kid In Town 64.2K A study of fanfic characters in their natural habitat, and the care and feeding of same. Rule #1: when confronted with Established Characters, show no fear. Rule #2: a well-trained imagination is a powerful weapon. Use it wisely. Rule #3... 10/03/02
Moral Imperative: 10/18/02 16.1K Inspired by a TV concert, and the entirely too-aptly-named album it's scheduled to accompany. 10/19/02
Changing Lanes 9.6K An ordinary, humdrum, run-of-the-mill morning for a Sentinel and his Guide. Any more details would spoil it, but the title might be a hint. 04/12/03
A Shaman's Gotta Do What A Shaman's Gotta Do 10.5K Research may not be Blair's middle name, but it may as well be, and Jim discovers the penalty for acting on faulty intel. 11/15/03
The Bullet 2.1K Blair is confronted by some of Cascade's finest concerning the aftermath of the dissertation's unauthorized release. 02/28/04
Dr. Who And The Most Dangerous City In America 6.0K The time traveller known as "The Doctor" ruminates over his latest UNIT assignment. 07/29/04
Eructations 13.2K It's been said that to be thought equal to men, women must work twice as hard, but that, fortunately, is not difficult. In an evening with some of "the boys" of Major Crimes, Megan gets a chance to prove this. 10/10/04
The Stop 16.6K Two patrol officers pull over a certain Volvo, and we find that even guardians need guardians. 11/08/04
Presents From The Past 37.4K During this December holiday tale, Jim and his father settle some issues and Blair and Jim establish their own customs. Attention, Jimbabes: sick Jim, being taken care of. Warm fuzzies -- within reason. All together now... awwwww! 12/21/04
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