Surveillance 23.1KA short piece in answer to the July '97 Smarm Challenge put forth by the SenFic Gen list. Smarm is described there as: Smarm: (n) the visible (or audible) expression of affection between two friends, in which the non-sexual love they have for each other is momentarily glimpsed via some action. (v) to act in a manner which displays affection for a friend, esp. to do or say emotional things which would not normally be expected."(Thanks, Kitty!) 12/21/98
A Rose By Any Other Name 16.0KI was shopping, staring at a very long row of hair products and... well, you'll see. Yes, it's smarmy, as well. 12/21/98
River's Edge 65.7KMy contribution to the August '97 "Camping" Challenge. 12/21/98
Legacy 134.4KA sequel to the episode "Warriors". Originally posted-October 2, 1997 12/21/98
Promises In The Dark: Legacy Continued 74.9KThe sequel to the sequel. Originally posted-October 22, 1997 12/21/98
The Box 25.0KCathy Mayo and I were driving back from the U.S. and idly wondered what Blair and Jim would give each other for Christmas. Which led to this story. It's a Christmas story, but a pivotal moment as well. Originally posted-December 14, 1997 12/21/98
Just The Fax... 33.9KIt's December 31st and Blair receives a fax at the university that could ruin his New Year's Eve plans. Originally posted-December 27, 1997 12/21/98
Some Are Silver...The Others, Gold 303.2K
Burton Award - Best long story
CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT The story itself should probably have a PG13 warning on it, as it deals with adult topics. I found it interesting to write as it grew from an original 5 page, short, humorous story to one that ended up having a very serious overtone to it. Don't worry --- there's lots of smarm along the way! 12/21/98
Double Room 44.3KSequel to "Prisoner X"
Sequel to "Some are Silver, The Others Gold"
Refers to: "River's Edge" and "Some are Silver, The Others Gold".
Originally posted-July 22, 1998
Feet On The Couch SERIES
Burton Award - Best missing scene
A story made up of a series of "Missing Scenes", set within the episode "Sweet Science". Originally posted-October 20, 1998 Multiple Dates
Primary Focus 45.5KSequel to Sentinel, Too. I'm sure this will be relegated to AU status when the series returns. Originally posted-June 13, 1998 12/21/98
Movers & Shakers 33.5K The second story of the Sentinel, Too sequel. Originally posted-June 19, 1998 12/21/98
A Different Way Of Seeing 106.8KThe final story of the Sentinel, Too sequel. Originally posted-July 5, 1998 12/21/98
No Center Line 574.9K
Burton Award - Best x-over & best comfort scene
CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT! This story begins following "A Different Way of Seeing" and "Sentinel, Too; Part Two." (The Sentinel/Nash Bridges/Millenium crossover) 05/12/99
And Dream That I Am Home Again 268.7K CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT! What actually occurred when the panther and wolf merged briefly in "Sentinel, Too,Part Two", and how did it affect Ellison and Sandburg? This story is a sequel to: "No CenterLine" and the two-part episode "Sentinel, Too". (The Sentinel/Nash Bridges/Millenium crossover) 07/15/00
Roasting By The Fire 36.5K Christmas Sentimental stuff. Smarm warnings... 01/23/99
Toasting In The Hot Tub 40.0K A New Year's story. More or less. 01/05/00