Kalabar/Cintoban SERIESEver wonder how Blair seems to instinctively know exactly what to do to help out his Sentinel? Multiple dates
Mankiller 79.2KWhen a friend of Simon Banks asks for an undercover cop to help solve a disappearance at her training stable, she gets more than she asked for. 01/02/98
Time Of The Choosing 11.3KAnother ending to Sentinel Two. Will Sandburg accept his destiny? 06/28/98
Hotel California 83.3KThis story is based on the song, Hotel California, by the Eagles. (I know, original title for a story.) Woven into the song's lyrics is a horror story revolving around Blair and Rafe, as they stumble across a strange hotel hiddenin the middle of the forest… in the middle of a raging storm-of-the-century.(Think dark and stormy night.) 08/28/98