Idle Musings 13.0KHave you ever wondered how Naomi finances her world travels, or how Blair could afford $850/month to rent the warehouse? What is the secret Blair's been hiding from everyone he knows? 12/14/98
Guest Lectuerer 8.6KAnother 'Sentinel Too' epilogue. Megan takes her turn pouring her heart out at Blair's bedside. 12/14/98
Bad Moon Rising with Chaz and Dani 44.6KSomething has been killing the citizens of Cascade at an alarming rate during the nights of the full moon. 12/14/98
The Great Race 12.8K Jim and Blair and a horse and a canoe. What more is there to say? 12/18/98
So Long, Farewell And Amen 12.7K Epilogue to The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg 05/26/99
Promises, Promises 53.7KThis is my long overdue response to the Jim, Blair and Jim's six year old niece visit Disneyland challenge that TAE, Emerald and I agreed to at the rally in January. 06/21/99
A Light In The Window 7.1K Sometimes old Christmas traditions can have the most meaning. 12/17/99
Drabbles 5.7K A series of drabbles about the different members of Major Crimes. 07/19/00
Ultimate Sacrifice 4.4K Introspection from Jim's 'partner'. 07/19/00
Shaman's Soul with Chaz LINKED Novations episode number 9 09/31/02