Rocky Top 57.7KA trip into the mountains tests not only Jim and Blair's endurance, but the depth of their friendship and the obstacles they can overcome because of it. 07/14/97
Trick Or Treat? 41.7KWhat can possibly go wrong in Cascade on Halloween? Vengeful brothers, pranks, and one peeved off sentinel. 10/28/97
To Give Is Greater 17.4KReceiving gifts at x-mas is always fun, but the guys are much more interested in picking the "perfect" gift for each other. (Watch out for the polar bear!) 12/21/97
Serendipity 90.2KMaking good on a Christmas present, Jim and Blair go on a week adventure in the wilds of Montana. Away from the dangers and hurried pace of Cascade, they find time to relate to nature...and each other. 05/21/99
Footpaths Through Peru SERIES In canon, Ellison and Sandburg meet in Cascade after Jim's time in Peru. But what might have happened if fate had decided to play its hand a little early? What if they had met in another environment under entirely different circumstances? Multiple dates
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