Flashpoint 37.8K The brother of one of the soldiers who died in Peru seeks revenge on Jim by making Blair relive his brother's final moments. 11/16/02
Choices 38.1K One choice can change the path of your life forever, as Jim and Blair discover when Blair must fight for his life, and Jim must fight bureaucracy to save his Guide and lead him home. 11/19/02
Overload 35.0K Sometimes all it takes is one normal man, pushed beyond the boundaries of reason, to bring the city to its knees! 11/19/02
A Moment Of Clarity 18.3K Epilogue for TSbyBS as told from Blair's POV as he must make a decision that will alter the course of his life forever. 12/07/02
In The Blink Of An Eye 8.8K Blair must deal with emotional upheaval as one second changes his life. 12/11/02
Obsession 50.0K Infatuation comes with heavy consequences when Blair's charm with the ladies gets him in a little bit of trouble. 12/18/02
Distorted Vision 10.7K Blair is plagued with the migraine from hell. 01/03/03
Double Threat 10.0K Jim and Blair on a stakeout that goes wrong. (I know, I know, that could never happen.) 01/03/03
On The Inside 31.0K Blair is taken prisoner during a prison riot. 01/08/03
Under The Weather 21.4K Jim out of town, Blair home alone. Need I say more? 01/08/03
The Glimpse 13.5K Blair loses his hold on reality. 01/08/03
Reaction 9.4K Jim has an allergic reaction at the station. 02/28/03
Mind Games 50.6K Brackett is back with diabolical plans that turn Blair into an assassin. 02/28/03
Zone Out 19.2K Jim has a major zone out that puts his senses offline while Blair and Jim struggle to reconcile the cause. 02/28/03
Return Of The Senses 60.6K The Sequel to Moondew's "Leave of the Senses". Blair tries to cope with the aftermath of Jim walking out on him. 03/16/03
Broken Men 76.3K Jim and Blair have to rebuild their lives after a government group tries to destroy them. 03/16/03
Emergence Series What happens to a Sentinel and Guide when the Guide finally walks away from it all? Multiple Dates
Reclamation 27.2K Major Angst for Jim as he tries to pull himself together after the events of "Prisoner X". 04/12/03
Matters Of The Heart 7.5K Grandma always said, "You reap what you sow." What if that expression is entirely true? 05/21/03
Miracle Lost 16.5K Jim relives painful memories when he answers an unexpected call. 06/01/03
Finding Peace 28.7K Jim struggles to deal with Blair's death on the job. Set in the future, 6 years post TSbyBS. Somewhat AU. (A therapy peice written for all the dear people that I've lost this year. Thanks to my family, friends and list sibs for all your love and support.) 09/04/03
Desert Of Tears 12.0K Inspired by Anna M Walker's Hidden Skill, Blair and guns do not mesh and here is yet another possible reason as to why. 11/06/03
Letting Go 39.1K Blair and Jim struggle with the aftermath of Blair's leaving (post TSbyBS) and each must face the decisions they made which led them to their current paths. Hanky warning. 05/18/04
Cataclysmic Portents 13.3K Blair is haunted by the memory of the life he lost so long ago and Jim helps him to come to terms with his grief. 06/05/04
Pushing The Limit 43.8K Jim loses perspective on a particularly grueling case. 12/06/04
The Nicest Things 7.2K Jim and Blair have some things to work out after the Golden Incident. 03/23/08
Hush-A-Bye 39.5K Jim and Blair must deal with new complications when a long lost woman comes back into their lives. 04/13/08
Imprinting 11.3K What happened to the boys when Alex Barnes was taken away? 04/13/08
Just Another Day 8.0K Blair is having a bad day filled with painful memories. Warning: Death Story but short with a massive amount of smarm, possibly even more than usual. 04/13/08
No Tears 3.8K A look into Jim's psyche at the loss of someone he cared about. (Death of a minor character.) 04/13/08
Outside My Reach 3.7K The shortest piece of fanfic ever detailing the boy's strong bonds of friendship. 04/13/08
Spiraling 54.4K Simon races to find Blair in time to save Jim. This story is set about 14 months after TS by BS. 04/13/08
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