Overload 41.2KCascade's finest arrive in Chicago for a conference and meet a new sentinel. (Due South x-over) 08/13/98
Teacher, Helper, Friend 51.8KThe sequel to Overload. A bomb is detonated in the 27th district building. Jim and Blair travel to Chicago and reunite with a new friend. 04/15/98
Enemy Unseen 25.8KBlair is kidnapped by someone from Jim's past 04/15/98
Full Circle 49.0KJim faces the possibility of a life threatening illness. 04/27/98
Shadow Play 28.3KA man from Cassie's past shows up at the loft. 05/03/98
Remember Me 22.7KJim must face the possibility of life without his guide when a car accident leaves Blair with amnesia. 05/23/98
Differences 13.5KJim has difficulties when Blair is put in danger one too many times. 05/23/98
Missing 33.3KCONTAINS ADULT CONTENT Someone with a grudge against Simon kidnaps Daryl. 07/19/98
Pain And Perseverance 29.8KBlair is nearly killed in a hit and run accident. 08/13/98
Aftermath 14.1KA resolution to S2 08/17/98
Violations 14.9KOne too many late nights takes its toll on Blair. 08/17/98
You Are Cordially Invited... 46.5KDaryl's high school graduation. 09/04/98
Darkness And Light 100.0KBlair's life is thrown into disarraywhen he faces a loss, but there may be a far moreprecious friendship waiting for him. As well, one ofCascade's finest has finally ended a long period ofsolitude... 06/26/99